Adjectives for Bad, Words to Describe Bad

We all know that bad situation can be difficult to describe, and it can become harder still when trying to capture those feelings in words. Whether we’re talking about a person’s behavior, an event in life, or a particularly tough moment, finding the right phrase to accurately express our emotions can often feel like an impossible task. But fear not – here is a comprehensive list of words that perfectly encapsulate what it feels like when things go wrong.

From familiar terms of dismay and disappointment to more creative ways of expressing your sorrows, these vocabularies will give you the perfect way to express how you feel about every type of bad experience.

Adjectives for Bad

20 Adjectives for Bad

1- Abhorrent

2- Despicable

3- Hideous

4- Terrible

5- Grotesque

6- Awful

7- Offending

8- Repulsive

9- Foul

10- Detestable

11- Shameful

12- Abysmal

13- Contemptible

14- Monstrous

15- Heinous

16- Inferior

17- Shameless

18- Disgusting

19- Vile

20- Atrocity

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Words To Describe Bad

1- Abhorrent: Causing disgust or hatred.

He committed an abhorrent act of violence.

2- Despicable: Worthy of contempt or scorn.

The thief was caught and sentenced for his despicable crimes.

3- Hideous: Extremely ugly; revolting.

Everyone in the audience gasped at the hideous monster on stage.

4- Terrible: Causing terror, dread, or fear.

His terrible attitude ruined our plans for the day.

5- Grotesque: Bizarre, distorted, and unnatural in shape or size.

The clown’s grotesque features sent shivers down my spine.

6- Awful: Inspiring fear, dread, or dismay.

It was an awful experience that I never wanted to repeat.

7- Offending: Causing distress, annoyance, or anger.

The offensive language used by the student was unacceptable.

8- Repulsive: Arousing intense aversion or disgust.

The smell of rotting food was truly repulsive.

9- Foul: Offensive to the senses or disgusting.

His foul words shocked everyone in the room.

10- Detestable: Deserving strong dislike and hatred.

His detestable behavior hurt and embarrassed his family.

11- Shameful: Bringing disgrace or dishonor.

His shameful actions made him an outcast in the community.

12- Abysmal: Utterly hopeless, despairing, and miserable.

The poverty they experienced was abysmal.

13- Contemptible: Deserving of scorn or disdain; despicable.

His contemptible attitude caused a great deal of stress.

14- Monstrous: Dreadfully unnatural or wrong.

The monstrous size of the creature terrified me.

15- Heinous: Intentionally evil and deserving of severe condemnation.

The man committed a heinous act of violence.

16- Inferior: Lower in rank, status, or quality.

His inferior quality work was unsatisfactory.

17- Shameless: Lacking any sense of decency or modesty.

Her shameless behavior made me feel uncomfortable.

18- Disgusting: Filling with revulsion; repulsive.

The sight of the blood was disgusting.

19- Vile: Morally reprehensible or contemptible.

The smell of garbage was vile.

20- Atrocity: An action that is shockingly cruel and barbarous.

His atrocities are too numerous to list here.

Synonyms of Bad

1- Inferior

2- Poor

3- Substandard

4- Deficient

5- Flawed

6- Inadequate

7- Unacceptable

8- Imperfect

9- Wanting

10- Faulty

11- Defective

12- Unsatisfactory

13- Mediocre

14- Shoddy

15- Insufficient

16- Unfit

17- Erroneous

18- Detrimental

19- Perilous

20- Hazardous

Words To Describe Bad

20 Adjectives for Bad Words To Describe Bad Adjectives of Bad in Example Sentences Synonyms of Bad

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