Adjectives That Start With H

There’s no denying that the letter H is a powerhouse when it comes to adjectives! Hateful, heinous, horrific, horrendous. These are all adjectives that start with the letter h. Some people might find them unpleasant to say, but they are all useful words when describing something. Happiness is a word that is often associated with positive emotions. However, there are many other words that can be used to describe feeling happy. These words are often referred to as “positive adjectives.”

adjectives starting with h

Adjectives Starting With H

1- Hedonistic: pursuing pleasure for its own sake; dedicated to indulging desires.

2- Hallowed: regarded with awe and reverence; sacred and revered.

3- Harbinger: something that foreshadows a future event; an omen.

4- Humdrum: dull or tedious; lacking in variety or excitement.

5- Hypnotic: capable of inducing a trance; entrancing and mesmerizing.

6- Heuristic: experimental, based on trial and error; learning through discovery.

7- Haughty: arrogant and disdainfully proud; acting superior to others.

8- Histrionic: excessively dramatic or emotional; theatrical in behavior.

9- Helter-skelter: in a confused and disorderly manner; chaotic and disorganized.

10- Harmonious: pleasingly consistent and free from discord; melodic and balanced.

11- Humble: having a low opinion of oneself; unassuming and meek.

12- Hasten: to move quickly or hurry; accelerate with haste.

13- Highfalutin: using pretentious language; pompous and bombastic in speech.

14- Hoary: gray or white due to age; venerable and ancient.

15- Hirsute: covered in hair; having a thick or shaggy coat of fur.

16- Haloed: surrounded by an aura or glow; encircled with a nimbus.

17- Hebetude: lethargy, sluggishness, or dullness of mind; mental torpor.

18- Horrendous: causing horror or dread; appalling and terrible to behold.

19- Highbrowed: intellectually superior; having a superior mental acuity.

20- Hegemonic: dominant or powerful in a political, economic, or social sense.

21- Hastate: shaped like an arrowhead; having two rounded lobes pointing outward.

22- Homeostatic: tending to maintain a steady state, such as of temperature or pH.

23- Heterodox: not conforming to accepted beliefs; unorthodox and heretical.

24- Hellacious: extremely severe or unbearable; overwhelming and daunting.

25- Heretical: contrary to accepted religious doctrine; unorthodox or blasphemous.

26- Halcyon: calm and peaceful, as in a moment of blissful tranquility.

27- Harried: full of worries, anxieties, and troubles; plagued by difficulties.

28- Habitual: done repeatedly and as a matter of routine; frequent and customary.

29- Histrionics: acting with overly dramatic or emotional gestures; theatrics.

30- Hirsutism: excessive hair growth, usually due to an endocrine disorder.

10 Good Adjectives With H  

1- Honest

2- Humble 

3- Hopeful

4- Humane

5- Harmonious

6- Highspirited 

7- Heroic

8- Healthy 

9- Happy 

10- Heartfelt

Adjectives That Start With H

homesick hideous hellenic
hot-blooded humble hateful
hardworking hungrier heavyset
holy headlong happening
hardest hasty hewn
hospitable humanistic happy
hung hollow hazardous
husky heinous humble
heavier hail haywire
heedful harried haunting
hurtful harmful handiest
heartbroken honest heartrending
heroic hebrew hair-raising
holographic hesitating hardhearted
hesitant hearty huge
heedless healthy hushed
hopeful hypnotic

Adjectives that start with I

himalayan homesick hazel
hurt hygienic harmless
hybrid high-minded humanitarian
hortative hot-shot haggard
heirloom horrible hardscrabble
harebrained hackneyed habitable
hairsplitting halting helpful
historic happier headachy
hefty hyper-masculine hatefully
holistic happiest horrid
high-risk hind homey
handsome hairier homeless
heavenly hackney hypnotic
hyped hammy harder
hellish hot holy
handsome hesitant humid
hedonistic hypersexual high-risk
hushed haughty her
heathen hasty hallowed
harmful hypothetical hyper-accurate
hopped hollow honeyed
hostile heathenish hard
hoarse heavy halved
high head headless
hairy hellbent hoary
husked hindu homely
hundred horrendous hopeless
honorable hapless human
homeless hidden haphazard
hygienic helpless heating
hexed horny

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Adjectives Starting With H To Describe Someone

adjectives starting with h to describe a person

hardy hurtful hungry
homely huggable harmonic
hierarchical halt honest
hypnotized heathen hypersensitive
habitual handless harsh
heaving healthier hilarious
heretical hard haphazard
heterodox hoggish heartless
headed harassed humane
honorable heedful heartrending
healing hilly happening
hither happiest harsh
hip haggard hyper-stimulated
happier haunted harrowing
heaviest hot-headed half
hyperactive high-maintenance harmonious
hispanic huffy heathen
home heartfelt hesitating
hardcore homey harsher
hawaiian homicidal honorific
hopeful healthful hip
high-class hurried hunger
hotshot hagridden hyper-aggressive
hunky hardworking habitable
heft helpless hunchbacked
hourly happy hurtful
hideous hulking heathenish
hardiest humorous hateful
harmless heartsick highest
hysterical high-born homicidal
hooked handsomest hardy
hapless harping holistic
honorary humane hypocritical
heavy handy honored
heartstricken hearsay hot
hirsute howling harebrained
homesick halting heavy-duty
handy horror heavenly
haughty healable humble
hottest hairless hefty
heavier harsh healthy
hallucinatory harmonic hangdog
high hard heralded
handicapped harmful harmonizable
hazy harshest horrid
hokey horrifying hotter
hypocritical horrifying horrible
hydraulic homicidal human
hawkish horrible hyper
healthiest half-baked hardened
horrid halfway headstrong
honorable humdrum humiliated
hospitable hostile heuristic
heroic heartless holiday
half-hearted housebound honest
heartening hardhearted hooded
hallucinogenic heinous harmonious
hippy heady hanging
heirless helpful holy
historical hotbed hasty
hungry hanging hysterical
heedless hysterical hale
habited honest hypersonic
humiliating heartbroken hesitant
hypercritical hungarian holiest
honorary harsher hyper-immunizing
hogged heavyset hardheaded

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Positive Adjectives That Start With H

positive adjectives that begin with h

Habitable Hale Hallowed
Handsome Handy Happening
Happy Happy-go-lucky Hardworking
Hardy Harmless Harmonious
Harmonizable Head Heady
Healing Healthful Healthy
Heartening Heartfelt Hearty
Heavenly Heedful Hefty
Helpful Hysterical Heralded
Heroic Heuristic High
High powered High-class Highest
High-functioning High-maintenance High-minded
High-spirited Hilarious Hip
Holiday Holiest Holistic
Hollow Holy Home
Homey Honest Honest-to-goodness
Honeyed Honorable Honorary
Honored Honorific Hopeful
Hortative Hospitable Hot
Hotshot Huggable Human
Humane Humanistic Humanitarian
Humble Humorous Hunky
Hushed Husky Hygienic
Hyped Hyper-immunizing Hypersexual
Hypersonic Hyper-stimulated Hypnotic

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Adjectives that start with h adjectives with h personality describing adjectives with h

There are many adjectives starting with h that can be used to describe people, places, and things. By using these words, you can add more depth and detail to your writing. Be sure to choose the right descriptor for the right situation, and always use them with care.

Words To Describe

humans happiness happy
hard help history
home hope hospitality

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