Adjectives That Start With V

Many adjectives that start with v are very active and energetic. Examples include virile, vibrant, and vigorous. Other adjectives that start with “v” describe things like vulnerability or velocity.

For example, if you want to describe someone as being strong and robust, you might use the word virile. If you want to say that something is exciting and lively, you might use the word vibrant. And if you want to describe an activity as being vigorous and strenuous, you might use the word vigorous.

Of course, there are many other adjectives that start with “v” that can also be used to add flavor to your writing. Some of these words include: vivid, vivacious, voluble, and voracious.

adjectives starting with v

Adjectives Starting With V

1- Victorious: achieving success in a struggle or contest

2- Voiceless: having no voice, not able to speak

3- Vibrant: full of energy and enthusiasm; lively

4- Vast: very large or extensive; enormous

5- Vanilla: plain; ordinary; lacking any special features

6- Vaporific: producing steam or vapor

7- Valorous: brave and courageous

8- Viral: spreading quickly through a population by word of mouth or other means

9- Venezuelan: relating to or from Venezuela

10- Viable: capable of being accomplished or produced successfully

11- Vaccinated: immunized against a disease; given an injection of a vaccine

12- Vigorous: full of energy and strength; lively

13- Vindictive: acting out of a desire to hurt or punish someone

14- Volunteering: offering one’s services, usually without payment

15- Validated: having been proven to be true or correct

16- Vicious: showing or characterized by extreme cruelty

17- Vigilant: alert to possible danger or problems; watchful

18- Vulgar: offensive or rude; lacking in good taste

19- Very: absolutely, completely, totally

20- Vocal: relating to the voice and its use in speaking or singing 

21- Vaunted: celebrated in one’s own right; highly praised

22- Vassal: a person who is under the protection of a more powerful person or nation

23- Visored: wearing a visor (a protective piece of headgear)

24- Variable: able to change or be changed easily

25- Valedictory: of or relating to a farewell speech

26- Vainglorious: feeling excessive pride in one’s own accomplishments

27- Veiled: hidden from view; not easily seen

28- Veritable: true, genuine, authentic

29- Vagabond: traveling from place to place, usually with no specific destination

30- Vaporizable: able to be turned into a vapor or steam.

10 Good Adjectives With V  

1- Valiant

2- Vibrant

3- Valuable

4- Versatile 

5- Victorious 

6- Virtuous 

7- Vigorous

8- Vivacious

9- Valiantly  

10- Virtuosity

Adjectives That Start With V

Verifying Vaporous Vegetable
Venerable Vain Victorious
Voiceless Vibrant Vast
Vanilla Vaporific Valorous
Viral Venezuelan Viable
Vaccinated Vigorous Vindictive
Volunteering Validated Very
Vocal Vaunted Vulgar
Vassal Visored Variable
Valedictory Vainglorious Veiled
Veritable Vagabond Vicious
Vigilant Vaporizable Veteran
Vehement Vile Valiant
Valved Visualized Vulnerable
Visible Violent Vegetarian
Variant Venomous Venturesome
Vivid Versed Verbose
Vandal Vegetative Vascular
Vapid Valid Vital
Vaporized Vested Visual
Violated Vicarious Virgin

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adjectives starting with v to describe a person

Adjectives Starting With V To Describe Someone

Voluntary Viewable Vaulting
Virtual Varied Vacant
Voyeuristic Violet Villainous
Verdant Vaginal Verbal
Validatory Varying Visionary
Versatile Vexed Veterinary
Vexing Vocational Vanished
Valueless Voracious Various
Vapory Velvety Voluptuous
Vivacious Vaporing Verifiable
Vague Valuable Vagrant
Vanadous Volcanic Vinegary
Venetian Valued Vernacular
Vanquishable Vengeful Vaulty

Adjectives that start with T

positive adjectives that begin with v

Positive Adjectives That Start With V

vicarious valorous verbal
verdant valid valiant
vigorous viable versed
verifiable vivacious visionary
vital vigilant voluptuous
vivid valuable venturesome
verbose voluminous virtuous
veracious voracious versatile
vibrant very veritable
venerable velvety victorious

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Adjectives that start with v adjectives with v

There are plenty of adjectives starting with v, and it’s important to learn as many of them as possible. They can be very useful in your writing, and you’ll find that they come in handy in many situations. Be sure to visit our website again soon for another useful lesson.

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