Adjectives That Start With P

There are many adjectives that start with the letter P. Why should you learn these adjectives? There are many reasons!

One reason is that these adjectives are very useful. They can help you to describe things in a more detailed way. For example, if you want to say that something is pretty, using the word “pretty” is not enough. You might want to use the word “pretty” to describe a dress, but you would want to use the word “pretty” to describe a person’s face.

Another reason why you should learn these adjectives is because they can help you make your writing more interesting. When you use different words to describe things, it makes your writing more fun and exciting to read.

adjectives starting with p

Adjectives Starting With P

1- Poignant: evoking strong feelings or emotions

2- Prevalent: widespread; commonly occurring

3- Placid: peaceful; calm and serene

4- Perceptive: keenly observant and understanding

5- Persistent: refusing to give up; continuing firmly

6- Pretentious: trying to impress others with an exaggerated show of importance

7- Pliable: easily molded; yielding to influence

8- Profound: deep; penetrating beyond the surface meaning

9- Pungent: having a strong, sharp smell or taste. 

10- Power: strength or control over others

11- Prodigious: impressive; remarkable; extraordinary

12- Provocative: tending to stir up strong emotions

13- Plucky: courageous and unyielding in the face of adversity

14- Pristine: clean, pure, and uncorrupted

15- Perfectionist: striving for flawlessness

16- Preposterous: absurd; ludicrously unreasonable

17- Prosaic: dull and unimaginative

18- Passionate: having or displaying strong emotions

19- Philosophical: expressing beliefs based on logical reasoning

20- Perfidious: untrustworthy; faithless; deceitful

21- Persuasive: having the power to convince

22- Peculiar: strange; odd; unusual

23- Prodigious: impressive; remarkable; extraordinary

24- Palpable: able to be felt or touched; tangible

25- Persnickety: overly fastidious about details

26- Pliable: easily molded; yielding to influence

27- Precarious: uncertain; risky; unsteady

28- Prurient: having or arousing an excessive interest in sexual matters

29- Predominant: most frequent; prevailing.

30- Prudent: wise and careful in thought, speech, and actions.

10 Good Adjectives With P  

1- Passionate

2- Professional

3- Positive

4- Powerful 

5- Practical

6- Popular

7- Pleasant 

8- Persistent

9- Polished  

10- Poised 

Adjectives That Start With P

promiscuous poised perilous
perturbed perceptive puny
pernicious phobic proficient
peaked peppy paranoid
painstaking possible pasty
poignant punctilious photogenic
prying peaceable palatial
particular poisonous perjurious
peruvian plucky paramount
penetrating parallel puzzled
pissed poetic protective
peevish punky petite
peculiar prophetic purposeful
pedantic parched punchy
prevailing preferred painted
picky personable persian
paranormal prepared peeved
precious persistent palpable
practiced potent perplexing
padded psychic pliable
proud perpetual pakistani
potential persnickety patient
progressive pimply psychotic
private petulant polynesian
pickled philanthropic piggish
polished pet parental
pregnant plush preferable
participative plausible probable
principled privileged perspective
persevering pleasingly partisan
prosperous pleased puzzling
perturbing predatory perishable
pure pleasant partial
piquant parasitic plus
productive prolific patronizing
possessive plenteous physical
pacifist pragmatic polite
pleasureless permanent positive
promising political placid
pigheaded pierced putrid
peckish picturesque playful
pretty pedestrian present
pale paltry pious
plunderous pendulous paternal
prim picked popular
perverted presumptuous perplexed
predominant pampered precocious
prudent petrified pessimistic
preeminent pivotal public
persuasive priceless preoccupied

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adjectives starting with p to describe a person

Adjectives Starting With P To Describe Someone

pleasurable pleasing painful
pensive peachy premium
precise pumped phenomenal
prompt peaceful perseverant
plentiful pesky pathological
punctured permissive portuguese
pompous passionate pilot
praiseworthy past pioneering
plump pithy proper
piddling prominent primal
purple panicked provocative
pimpled pungent pertinent
pallid predictable practical
premier pushy posh
potbellied punctual philippine
pudgy primed pointless
profuse proverbial purring
prudish plastic puffy
passive personalized perverse
parsimonious plenty psychedelic
perky powerless poor
panicky plain pristine
pretentious powerful proactive
philosophical penniless prime
pricy pink peerless
purposefully portly pathetic
plodding poorly paunchy
personal perfect patchy

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positive adjectives that begin with p

Positive Adjectives That Start With P

pleasant privileged pristine
persuasive pronounced purified
pure precise partisan
plush prominent perpetual
presentable paternal popular
plenteous prize powerful
proud promising plentiful
permanent pivotal professional
poignant plucky personable
peerless petite party
plenty prestigious precious
positive picked practical
punctilious profuse platonic
paramount pleasing piquant
prudent permissive pragmatic
philanthropic palatial palatable
perfumed predominant pregnant
prevalent princely poetic
playful persistent purposeful
pertinent promised pretty
proactive prolific prudential
profitable pardonable premier
pleasurable penetrating pioneering
practiced priceless prospective
poised primal passive
pleased potential painless
proper pious preemptive
photographic parental picturesque
peaceable permissible prosperous
plus prized palpable
pumped perspective precocious
productive planned potent


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Adjectives that start with p adjectives with p personality describing adjectives with p

There are many benefits to using adjectives that start with p. One of the most important is that it can make your writing more interesting and engaging. It can also help you to better describe your ideas and thoughts. Additionally, adjectives that start with p can make your writing more powerful and persuasive. By using them, you can create a more positive impression on your readers.

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