Adjectives That Start With Y

The English language is filled with words that describe things in an effort to make communication more effective. Adjectives are one type of descriptive word and there are many of them that start with the letter y. Here are a few examples: yummy, yellow, young, yodeling, yakking

Each of these adjectives has a unique meaning and purpose. Yummy is a word that is often used to describe food that tastes good. It’s something that you might say to your friends when you’re trying to convince them to eat something that looks or sounds appetizing. Yellow is the color of the sun and can be used to describe things like flowers, cars, or clothing. Young is typically used to describe people who are not yet adults. It can also be used for things like animals or plants that are just starting to grow.

adjectives starting with y

Adjectives Starting With Y

1- Yammering: Talking or repeating incessantly and tiresomely

2- Youngly: In a youthful way; like a young person

3- Youthful: Characteristic of youth, having the qualities of someone young

4- Yacked: Talked at length in an annoying manner

5- Yogic: Of, related to, or used in yoga

6- Yawning: Feeling sleepy; exhibiting a wide-open mouth as a sign of sleepiness

7- Yielding: Easily pliable, flexible; willing to give in or compromise

8- Youthsome: Full of youthful energy, vitality, and enthusiasm

9- Yahooing: Making loud, exuberant noises or shouts, especially of joy or excitement

10- Yakut: A Turkic language spoken in the Sakha Republic of Siberia, Russia

11- Yiddish: An old German dialect used by Jews in Central and Eastern Europe

12- Yenning: Yearning passionately and deeply

13- Yewen: Of or relating to a yew tree

14- Yapping: Barking noisily and rapidly

15- Yon: Far away in a distant place

16- Yacking: Talking or chatting incessantly

17- Year-long: Lasting for an entire year

18- Youthly: Characteristic of youth, having the qualities of someone young

19- Yeomanlike: Showing the skill and enthusiasm of a yeoman

20- Yours: Belonging to or associated with you

21- Yellow-bellied: Cowardly; lacking courage

22- Yelling: Making a loud, exuberant noise or shouting out

23- Yao: A language spoken in some parts of China and Thailand

24- Year-round: Lasting for an entire year

25- Yearnful: Filled with a strong desire or longing

26- Yeasty: Having the characteristics of yeast or fermentation

27- Yearly: Occurring once each year

28- Yellowish: Slightly yellow in color

29- Yucky: Unpleasantly slimy, sticky, or gooey

30- Yolky: Having the yellow color of egg yolk.

10 Good Adjectives With Y  

1- Young

2- Yielding

3- Yearning 

4- Youthful

5- Yummy 

6- Yarned

7- Yellowish  

8- Yipping 

9- Yeasty 

10- Ya-hooing 

Adjectives That Start With Y

Yammering Young Youthful
Yacked Yogic Yielding
Youthsome Yahooing Yakut
Yiddish Yenning Yewen
Yapping Yon Yacking
Year-long Youthly Yeomanlike
Yours Yellow-bellied Yelling
Yao Year-round Yawning
Yearnful Yeasty Yearly
Yellowish Yucky Yarrish

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Adjectives That Start With Z

adjectives starting with y to describe a person

Adjectives Starting With Y To Describe Someone

Yummy Yachting Your
Yodeling Yugoslavian Yankee
Yester Yieldless Yew
Yummiest Yemeni Yellow
Youngly Yeomanly Yo-yo
Yappy Yokelish Yearling
Yeared Yugoslav Yieldable
Yeast Youngish Yawl
Youngling Yonder Yucatecan
Yelled Yummier

positive adjectives that begin with y

Positive Adjectives That Start With Y

Yummy Yachting Your
Yodeling Yugoslavian Yankee
Yester Yieldless Yew
Yummiest Yemeni


Adjectives that start with yThere are many benefits to learning these adjectives. They are all useful words that can add flavor and detail to your conversations. Additionally, they are all must-learn words for anyone looking to improve their language skills. Be sure to visit this lesson again in the future, as there are always new adjectives to learn!

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