Adjectives That Start With S

S is for Smart, Sexy, Silly, Sensitive, Scary, Sad. These all adjectives start with the letter S. Use them to describe people, things, or situations. Some of these adjectives include: sacred, sacrificial, and sacrilegious. Sacred describes something that is considered holy or special, while sacrificial refers to something that is given up for a greater cause. Sacrilegious relates to anything that is considered blasphemous or offensive to religious beliefs.

All of these adjectives can be helpful when trying to create a vivid description. For example, if you wanted to describe a church as being sacred, you could use words like hallowed, consecrated, and pious. If you needed to describe a person’s actions as being sacrificial, you could say they were altruistic, generous, or selfless.

adjectives starting with s

Adjectives Starting With S

1- Sacrificial: relating to a sacrifice or offering made to a deity.

2- Sacrilegious: showing a lack of respect for something considered sacred.

3- Sad: feeling sorrow, grief, or disappointment.

4- Saddened: filled with sorrow; grieved.

5- Safe: protected from harm or danger.

6- Sagacious: having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment; wise.

7- Saintly: having the qualities of a saint, such as a holiness, kindness, and patience.

8- Salacious: characterized by or expressing lustful desires; lascivious.

9- Salient: prominent, conspicuous, or important.

10- Salt: of or containing salt; saline.

11- Salted: covered or flavored with salt.

12- Salty: having the taste of salt; briny.

13- Salubrious: conducive to health and well-being; beneficial.

14- Salvageable: capable of being saved or preserved.

15- Salvaged: rescued from destruction, harm, or loss.

16- Same: identical; not different.

17- Sanctimonious: pretending to be pious or religious for personal gain.

18- Sandy: containing, made up of, or resembling sand; gritty.

19- Sane: mentally healthy; exhibiting sound judgment.

20- Sanguine: optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.

21- Sanitary: conducive to public health by preventing the spread of disease; hygienic.

22- Sappy: sentimental in a foolish or excessive way.

23- Sarcastic: using or expressing irony to mock or convey contempt.

24- Sardonic: disdainfully or skeptically humorous; mocking.

25- Sartorial: of or relating to tailoring, clothing, or style of dress.

26- Sassy: impertinent; saucy.

27- Satin: a smooth, glossy fabric made of silk or synthetic fibers.

28- Satiny: resembling satin; glossy and smooth.

29- Satiric: using sarcasm, irony, or wit to criticize faults or vices.

30- Satirical: mocking or critical in a humorous way.

10 Good Adjectives With S  

1- Selfless

2- Sharp

3- Steadfast

4- Strong

5- Solemn 

6- Sincere

7- Sophisticated

8- Spirited 

9- Successful

10- Supportive 

Adjectives That Start With S

scarred sickening swift
senior serene superb
serving scummy snappy
seared softhearted stark
shabbier sociopathic stilted
sabbatical speedy schematic
stressful set savvy
smokeless sisterly sadistic
straight smiling signatory
sighted special sparkling
self-reliant sweet scholarly
stubby substantiated scruffy
seventh secretory samaritan
seabound scintillating senseful
self-assured seagoing saddled
scanty salaried shining
surprised sedentary silver
senseless scant scientific
sage snobbish social
skeptical splintered softening
supreme seldom spontaneous
shocking scrubbed sole
sufficient savage scathing
sided seamless stimulating
salmon saintly savory
spastic simplified selfish
self-directed salvageable secretive
soaring sustainable stunning
slow sorry salty
scary spasmodic stagnant
shiny sullen selfless
studious survivable strict
stable specialist samoan
skittish shrill sublime
suave scared sham
spacious smirking stiff
safe sensual seatless
soothing spirited soothed
subversive spiritless sympathetic
sparse seemly savant
sore shrewd self-centered
smudged shameful sappy
serious single scalding
suitable sickened standing
selected shooting segregated
showy secretarial shabby
sessional self-disciplined sizable

Adjectives that start with T

adjectives starting with s to describe a person

Adjectives Starting With S To Describe Someone

sensible shallow soft
seedy sheer shelled
senile stale spiritual
sandy seaside superior
septic shuttered sapient
stumbling shabbiest supportive
stern saccharine slender
smarter select super
seated silly scaly
subordinate sanctimonious scandalous
self-evident spattered smelly
slimy strategic sarcastic
sloppy steadfast sacred
supple snarky scenic
stately sheepish snobby
sequestered systematic sentimental
seaworthy sickly sinless
stability submissive straggly
specific sentient seditious
scrawny savable scheduled
seven spoiled sluggish
sensational spineless snarling
sad stereotyped sanctified
spectacular subdued skinny
staid self-absorbed saucy
sexual snoring satin
short-tempered stunned stubborn
stingy shrieking sick
salvaged shifty secure
subservient satire seductive
successful sallowish satellite
sapphire segmented soggy
stylish spunky stinging
sensuous sneaky sardonic
splendid sedative sanitary
sincere stuttering scratched
sturdy screaming socratic
stranded shady sketchy
splattered significant scratchy
sharpened sinister symmetrical
skilled smart seasick
squirrelly scamp snide
scholastic secret scornful
scrumptious smartest skillful
shy sure scraggly
saddened snooty scorching
sharp spiteful sanded
satisfactory sidelined somber
standard sane sassy
scotch swanky smoggy

Adjectives that start with R

positive adjectives that begin with s

Positive Adjectives That Start With S

sensitive self-reliant spiraled
splendid scrupulous standard
secure spirited skillful
straightforward sociological sapient
satisfying spellbinding sharp
systematic superb sacrilegious
sublime supple satisfactory
snappy specific scheduled
saintly shiny staunch
sober sturdy sappy
stable snug seamless
superior sparkling swift
sacred saccharine self-indulgent
stupendous sporting soothed
soaring substantiated stylistic
serviceable smarter slim
subsequent skinny sparkly
strong sanctimonious sanitary
seductive swanky simple
statuesque serene subject
savvy soft scrumptious
savant softhearted suitable
status smartest silver-tongued
safe shrewd spiffy
sweet stately strategic
snugly showy studious
satisfied sculpted successful
salient spotless symmetrical
sonly scholastic specialized
sacrificial semiconscious steadfast
socratic social self-effacing
shimmering specialist skilled
self-satisfied salvageable selfless
survivable smashing serious
solid simplistic serendipitous
scintillating solicitous slender
staid silver spacious
spiral smiling stimulating
statistical salvaged stilled
supreme savable sartorial
stronger sympathetic scented
scenic striking speckled
sizable spiritual salubrious
softening scientific successive
spatial sisterly sensual
shining succinct self-directed
selected special soldierly
silky self-assured significant
sociable stylish secured
sentimental spry sprite
sanguine self-respect stability
soothing sophisticated select
still stunning steady
springy strongest self-disciplined
sustainable subtle stoic
sensational sleek speedy
sagacious stealth schematic
sincere sheer scholarly
suave side-splitting simplified
studied spectacular sensible
self-confident seemly super

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Adjectives that start with s adjectives with s personality describing adjectives with s

Sensational, stunning, and splendid are all adjectives that start with the letter “s.” When you want to describe something as being extremely good, these words will come in handy. Becoming familiar with them will give you a useful lesson, and you can always visit our website for more.

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