Adjectives That Start With T

There are a lot of adjectives that start with the letter “T”. These adjectives can be used to describe things such as tall, tough, and tasty. Here’s a list of some of the most common adjectives that start with the letter “T”.

adjectives starting with t

Adjectives Starting With T

1- Tarnished: showing signs of wear, damage, or age.

2- Tart: having a sharp flavor or smell.

3- Tasteful: pleasing to good taste; refined and stylish.

4- Tasteless: lacking in taste or flavor.

5- Tasty: having an agreeable flavor.

6- Tattered: worn into rags or tatters; shabby.

7-Taunting: provoking scorn, ridicule or contempt.

8- Taut: firmly stretched or pulled.

9- Taxing: requiring a lot of effort, energy or resources.

10- Teachable: capable of being taught.

11- Tearful: showing or expressing sorrow.

12- Tearing: creating a violent or noisy ripping sound.

13-Tectonic: relating to the structure of the Earth’s crust and related phenomena.

14- Tedious: dull, boring, and tiresome.

15- Teenage: of or pertaining to teenagers, usually between 13 – 19 years old.

16- Teensy: very small or tiny.

17- Teeny: small, a minute, or tiny.

18- Teeny-Tiny: extremely small or having a very negligible size.

19- Ticklish: sensitive to being touched, causing a tingling sensation.

20- Tidal: of, relating to, or caused by the tides.

21- Tidy: neat and orderly in appearance or arrangement.

22- Tight: firmly held or closed; difficult to open.

23- Timeless: lacking a clearly defined time period; eternal.

24- Timely: occurring at an opportune moment.

25- Timid: lacking in courage and self-confidence.

26- Timorous: easily frightened or scared.

27- Tiny: very small in size or degree; minute.

28- Temporary: lasting for a limited period of time.

29- Tempted: strongly inclined to indulge in something; enticed.

30- Tempting: attractive, especially in a way that may lead to trouble or danger.

10 Good Adjectives With T  

1- Trustworthy

2- Talented

3- Tenacious

4- Trusting

5- Thrilling 

6- Terrific 

7- Tactful

8- Thorough 

9- Tireless

10- Thoughtful  

Adjectives That Start With T

Thankless Theatric Thrashed
Tough Tasteful Tonic
Tight Thorny Their
Tall Toothy Thrifty
Topic Tooled Testable
Thoughtless Tentative Toxic
Tearing Tricky Territorial
Torrid Thinkable Trained
Turbulent Tunisian Tinted
Tactical Timely Thievish
Towering Technical Teeny
Tattling Transcendental Talented
Training Tissued Traumatic
Transformed Temperamental Torturous
Thunderous Trendy Tranquil
Trustful Transparent Terse
Titanic Tensioned Theatrical
Terrific Tenfold Tidal
Tectonic Toneless Tightfisted
Trapped Tightlipped Tolerable
Tailored Telltale Tedious
Thematic Taunt Troublesome
Tanned Terrible Teen
Tangled Tasty Trashy
Textile Tan Taxing
Targeted Tattooed Taboo
Traditional Tenth Tacky
Timesaving Taking Turkish
Transcendent Touching Thankful
Twitchy Three Trusting
Teeming Testing Tardy
Temporal Thornless Thoughtful
Touchable Trusty Teasing
Tangly Tender Temporary
Threatening Taxidermic Teenaged
Timid Treasured Tattooing
Tangy TRUE Taunting
Tabular Tenacious Touched
Tiring Theological Tactual
Tasteless Tented Thrilling
Tempted Tearful Titular
Tempting Topical Tired
Thickset Thrilled Tremendous
Therapeutic Thundery Tantalizing
Tawdry Tellable Tense
Thinly Trashed Tenderfoot
Tangent Textured

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adjectives starting with t to describe a person

Adjectives Starting With T To Describe Someone

Tiptoe Tolerant Torpid
Thick Taper Tenderhearted
Tentacled Tiresome Thundering
Touchy Thwarted Thin
Trustworthy Transformative Tibetan
Tapered Testicular Tuneless
Torrential Tarnished Triumphant
Thee Tyrannical Troubling
Teenage Tactful Typical
Taciturn Tactile Talkative
Truthful Teary Telling
Ten Trivial Thinking
Tame Terrifying Twinkling
Treacherous Tuneful Thwart
Tidy Transfixed Tumultuous
Tameless Thorough Through
Tousled Temperate Tattered
Throng Tend Tart
Tiptop Tragic Tepid
Threatened Tapering Tackled
Tireless Tormented Trusted
Taxable Topping Tiny
Thriving Tactless Taiwanese
Timeless Top Telegraphic
Thumbed Teachable Treatable
Tearless Thai Testy

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positive adjectives that begin with t

Positive Adjectives That Start With T

tasteful toothsome theatrical
transparent tuneful touched
tentative tremendous theological
thinkable trained trainable
tenderhearted thrilling traditional
telegraphic tangy triumphant
telling trusted thorough
trendy tasty truthful
treasured terrific timely
talented thrilled touching
tangible tame trustworthy
tireless thick tactual
tacit tolerable typical
tidy towering transcendent
treatable tolerant technological
ten technical true
temperate take-charge twitter-pated
teachable timeless therapeutic
tempting transformed trusting
transcendental training tenacious
thoughtful teasing trusty
thankful tantalizing transformational
tactile thrifty top
tonal twinkling trustful
transformative taut tender

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Adjectives that start with t adjectives with t personality describing adjectives with t

All of the above are the adjectives that start with T.  While this list may seem daunting, it is a great lesson to learn and will be very useful. Make sure to visit our website again for more great lessons like this one!

Some of the most common adjectives starting with “T” are: terrible, true, tired, and tiny. If you want to sound like a native English speaker, you’ll need to know how to use these words correctly.

One way to use these adjectives is by describing how something looks or feels. For example, if you see a terrible accident on the side of the road, you might say that it’s “horrible” or “disgusting.” Likewise, if something feels true to you, then you might say that it has a “strong” feeling about it.

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