Adjectives That Start With E

Do you want to learn adjectives that start with E to describe a person? Eloquent, effective, enchanting, exquisite, extraordinary. Each adjective beginning with the letter E is uniquely descriptive and carries its own weight when used in writing or speaking. With so many adjectives to choose from, it can be hard to know which one to use when describing a person, place or thing. However, from these adjectives positive adjectives should be at the top of your list when trying to create a truly effective and impressive statement.

adjectives starting with e

Adjectives That Start With E

1- Eccentric: deviating from the norm or conventional behavior; odd.

2- Exotic: strikingly unusual or strange in effect or appearance.

3- Enchanting: captivating, charming, and magically attractive.

4- Enigmatic: puzzling, mysterious, and difficult to interpret.

5- Epicurean: devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and luxury.

6- Exuberant: vigorously enthusiastic; joyously unrestrained.

7- Eloquent: skillful at expressing oneself in a clear, powerful manner.

8- Expedient: convenient or advantageous for achieving the desired end.

9- Ebullient: joyously overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement.

10- Equitable: fair and impartial; treating all people equally.

11- Earnest: serious, sincere, and showing deep conviction.

12- Experienced: having practical knowledge from observation or participation.

13- Extravagant: exceeding the boundaries of reason or moderation.

14- Enticing: alluring or tempting, especially in a subtle way.

15- Expansive: having ample breadth or range; wide and open.

16- Exasperating: causing frustration and annoyance; irritating.

17- Effervescent: lively and enthusiastic; full of energy.

18- Egalitarian: promoting the equal treatment of all individuals.

19- Extravagant: lavish or excessively exaggerated in behavior.

20- Estimable: admirable, honorable, and worthy of respect.

21- Engrossing: absorbing; so interesting as to cause one to forget everything else.

22- Exigent: urgent and requiring immediate action or attention.

23- Exhilarating: exciting and encouraging; inspiring enthusiasm.

24- Educated: having knowledge, understanding, or training from schooling.

25- Efficacious: capable of producing the desired result; effective.

26- Engaging: charming, interesting, and attractive; capturing one’s interest.

27- Enormous: extremely large in size or degree; vast.

28- Effulgent: brilliantly radiant and shining; glowing.

29- Ephemeral: lasting a very short time; fleeting.

30- Extraneous: irrelevant, unnecessary, and not belonging in the given situation.

10 Good Adjectives With E  

1- Educated

2- Exceptional

3- Enthusiastic

4- Encouraging

5- Engaging

6- Easygoing

7- Empathetic 

8- Elegant

9- Expressive

10- Empowering 

Adjectives Beginning With E

encouraged equal ethical
expired enlivened energetic
ebullient embarrassing ended
embarrassed enthused electrical
erratic entire excessive
expunged exploded eighth
engrossed encyclopedic early
erotic exploitative entrancing
emergent expensive extravagant
ended exciting edifying
exorbitantly erupting easy
enthralled empty endangered
eviscerated effortless exasperating
elimination emphasized exacerbating
enraging encroached easygoing
edgy expurgated exhausted
erosive excitant exciting
elegant educative every

Adjectives that start with F

ecologic energizing eloquent
errant encouraging epileptic
extinguished eliminated energizing
erased epical equestrian
erroneous economic edgy
eventful eminent elective
ear-piercing evading economical
earned earnest equivocal
ebony excited edged
educational easygoing ended
easy eccentric everyday
enfeebling ecstatic earthy
egotistical enate emboldened
embossed enjoyable enjoyable
expressionless enviable endless

Adjectives that start with P

adjectives starting with e to describe a person

Adjectives Starting With E To Describe Someone

earnest endemical epic
embroiled enchanting egyptian
effeminate endemic effected
exclusive essential effective
eldest evaluative expert
equable encouraging enviable
enclosed erudite exaggerating
eloquent eroding euphoric
elaborated equipped exacerbated
exhausted elapsed exploited
excess evident embarrassed
elated enough employed
easy effectual emotive
enough engaging entrepreneurial
exaggerated extroverted emphatic
empathetic exclamatory elated
eyesore embezzled epical
epidural efficient extraordinary
ethical evasive embarrassed


emotionless explicit evanescent
electronic emptied emotional
eucharistic elastic eerie
exceptional empowered exiled
enterprising echoing elected
evasive emasculated established
exterminated embittered enticing
elevated eerie entrapped
enveloping edible eligible
equivalent excusable extraneous
erratic ear-splitting edgy
egotistical effluent empowered
engrossing elusive enemy
elusive each enlightened
exploitative enforced exhausting
elite exceeding evil
encrusted extraordinary employable
enchanting enhanced earlier
endangering efflorescent eroded
educated exact edited
essential excluded english
empathic eerie elated


encumbered endemic excruciating
entitled eternal energetic
exacerbating electrifying exasperated
excited errorless exhausting
exalted extra embarrassing
edifying elating effective
electrifying exhaustive enthusiastic
extorted enabling endearing
expending evangelical egocentric
embittered enslaved euphonic
equatorial expected extramarital
express eased envious

positive adjectives that begin with e

Positive Adjectives That Start With E

Eager Expandable Enterprising
Entrepreneurial Ebullient Eager
Eventful Educational Economic
Expected Exciting Emphatic
Earnest Ecstatic Egalitarian
Enlivened Express Effortless
Edifying Enchanting Emotive
Effortless Exhilarating Eucharistic
Enhanced Exquisite Excitable
Express Elite Equal
Exclusive Expressive Expanded
Effective Exceptional Extra
Enthused Easy Eminent
Established Enticing Equal
Easy-going Elaborate Everyday
Expandable Exclusive Efficacious
Evident Electrifying Efficient


Entertaining Exotic Educative
Exuberant Extraordinary Emergent
Evenhanded Elating Engaging
Eye-popping Ethical Expedient
Enjoyable Enthralling Excellent
Earned Expanding Excusable
Effective Excited Easygoing
Early Epical Earthy
Edible Employable Enduring
Exemplary Exact Ethereal
Enviable Enhanced Exhilarated
Endurable Encouraging Essential
Effervescent Equipped Enabling
Enjoyable Enthusiastic Essential
Exceptional Expert Extraordinary
Efflorescent Every Enchanting
Energetic Eternal

adjectives with e Adjectives that start with e personality describing adjectives with e

Adjectives that start with V

The above adjectives starting with “e” are excellent for describing people, places, and things: elegant, energetic, excited, enthusiastic, and excellent. Each of these words has its own unique meaning and adds flavor to writing. So the next time you need to describe something in a sentence or two, be sure to use one of these “e” adjectives!

Words To Describe 

experience eyes economy
education efforts emotions
encouragement environment excited

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