Adjectives for Excited, Words to Describe Excited

Have you ever felt so excited that words couldn’t adequately describe the emotion you were feeling? It’s incredibly difficult to take a single emotion and put it into words, but fortunately for us, there are adjectives to help us express our feelings.

Whether you’re conveying excitement with friends or expressing yourself in writing, having these vocabulary words can greatly enhance your ability to properly convey how giddy and thrilled you are at the moment. In this blog post, we’ll explore different adjectives and phrases that can be used to accurately portray feelings of elation.

Through examples and discussions on contextual language usage, we’ll provide ample guidance on when each term should be utilized appropriately so readers can find the perfect phrasing for their conversations!

Adjectives for Excited

20 Adjectives for Excited

1- Jubilant

2- Enthusiastic

3- Eager

4- Exhilarated

5- Thrilled

6- Passionate

7- Revved Up

8- Overjoyed

9- Ecstatic

10- Animated

11- Sparkling

12- Gleeful

13- Adrenalized

14- Exuberant

15- Rapturous

16- Delighted

17- Joyful

18- Vivacious

19- Zestful

20- Exultant

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Words To Describe Excited


Meaning:  Showing keen interest or enthusiasm

Example: She was eager to start her new job.


Meaning:  Showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval

Example: The children were enthusiastic about the upcoming trip.


Meaning:  Extremely pleased or excited about something

Example: She was thrilled to hear the news of her promotion.


Meaning:  Feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joy

Example: He was ecstatic when he won the competition.


Meaning:  Extremely happy and excited

Example: They were elated at the prospect of their vacation.


Meaning:  Extremely happy or joyful

Example: She was overjoyed by the surprise party.


Meaning:  Brimming or overflowing with excitement or enthusiasm

Example: The children were bubbling with excitement on Christmas morning.


Meaning:  Excited to the point of disorientation or irrationality

Example: She felt giddy with excitement as she waited for her date.


Meaning:  Full of life, excitement, or activity

Example: His animated response showed how excited he was.


Meaning:  Feeling very happy, animated, or elated

Example: She felt exhilarated after completing the marathon.


Meaning:  Excited, energetic, or eager

Example: They were amped for the concert tonight.


Meaning:  Feeling excited or ready for action

Example: He was pumped about the upcoming game.


Meaning:  Full of energy and enthusiasm

Example: The city streets were vibrant with excitement during the festival.


Meaning:  Eager and enthusiastic to do something

Example: They were raring to go on their adventure.


Meaning:  Filled with excitement or tension

Example: The atmosphere in the stadium was electrified as the game began.


Meaning:  Filled with excitement or anticipation

Example: The room was aglow with excitement as they waited for the announcement.


Meaning:  Showing great enthusiasm or passion

Example: She was zealous about starting her new project.

Fired up

Meaning:  Feeling excited, enthusiastic, or motivated

Example: They were fired up for the challenge ahead.


Meaning:  Marked by excitement or expectation

Example: The anticipatory excitement grew as the concert approached.


Meaning:  Unable to sit still or relax due to excitement or nervousness

Example: He was feeling antsy as he waited for his interview results.

Synonyms of Excited

1- Enthusiastic

2- Exhilarated

3- Thrilled

4- Jubilant

5- Elated

6- Joyful

7- Animated

8- Eager

9- Delighted

10- Roused

11- Spirited

12- Vibrant

13- Aroused

14- Overjoyed

15- Rapturous

16- Vivacious

17- Gleeful

18- Blissful

19- Exultant

20- Zestful

Words To Describe Excited

20 Adjectives for Excited Words To Describe Excited Adjectives of Excited in Example Sentences Synonyms of Excited

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