Adjectives That Start With J

Jealous, jolly, joyous, jubilant, and juicy all these are adjectives that begin with J to describe someone. The use of adjectives starting with J is not as common as other letters. However, there are some great words that can be used to describe things.

When most people hear the word “jealous,” they think of someone who is green with envy. However, jealousy can also be a good thing. Jealousy means that you are passionate about something and you want to protect it. For example, if you are jealous of your friend’s relationship, that means you care about them and don’t want them to get hurt.

Being jolly is another great quality to have. Jolly people are always happy and they spread their happiness to everyone around them. They make everyone feel good and they always see the best in people. Being around a jolly person is always a joyous experience!

Having joyous qualities is similar to being jolly, but it is more specific. Joyous people find happiness in the little things in life and they appreciate every moment.

adjectives starting with j

Adjectives Starting With J

1- Juicy: having or containing a lot of juice

2- Jovial: cheerful and friendly

3- Jolly: happy and playful

4- Joyous: feeling or expressing great happiness and joy

5- Jubilant: feeling or expressing great joy and triumph

6- Jostling: pushing or bumping into someone in a crowd

7- Jagged: having a rough, irregular edge

8- Jocular: said or done in jest; humorous

9- Judicious: having sound judgment; prudent

10- Judicially: according to the law; legally

11- Juxtaposed: placed side by side, often for comparison

12- Jaunty: having a carefree or upbeat air

13- Jaw-dropping: astonishing; extraordinary

14- Jingoistic: aggressively nationalistic and patriotic

15- Jeepers: an exclamation of surprise

16- Jejune: dull; insipid; lacking in substance

17- Jittery: nervous; jumpy

18- Jabbering: talking rapidly and excitedly

19- Justified: shown to be true or reasonable

20- Jerky: having sudden movements, usually abrupt pauses

21- Jaggy: very pointed; sharply pointed

22- Jeering: mocking in a scornful or derisive manner

23- Jubilating: to celebrate enthusiastically

24- Jocularly: in a jovial, playful, or humorous way

25- Judiciously: carefully; with good judgment

26- Jack-o’-lantern: an illuminated pumpkin traditionally used on Halloween

27- Jammin’: slang for having an enjoyable time

28- Jumpy: easily startled or agitated

29- Junoesque: tall and shapely; statuesque

30- Juggernaut: something overwhelming, powerful, and unstoppable.

10 Good Adjectives With J  

1- Joyful 

2- Judicious

3- Jovial

4- Just

5- Jolly 

6- Jubilant

7- Joyous

8- Jocular 

9- Jaunty

10- Jackpot 

Adjectives That Start With J

jesting jittering jawed
joyful jammed job-killing
juicy just judaic
jubilant jim-dandy jamaican
jake jadish jarring
juvenile jimp jeopardizing
jam jumping jacobean
jestful japanese jabber
jerky jugular joker
jeweled jaundiced jaunty
jokey joysome jolif
jeering jolted junky
jaded jovial jazzed
jocund judicious jocoserious
jumpy jinx jocose
jabbering judaistic judge
jaculable jurist junior
jolly jurassic jagged
justified judicial jointed
jealous journalistic jessant
jacketed jinxed jittery

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Adjectives Starting With J To Describe Someone

adjectives starting with j to describe a person

jogging junoesque jiggish
judiciary jazzy juiceless
judas joined joyous
joculatory judgmental jewish
jobless jutting jarred
jumbo jangling joyless
justifiable jumbled jaggy

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Positive Adjectives That Start With J

positive adjectives that begin with j

jaculable jake jaunty
jaw-dropping jazzy jessant
jeweled jiggish jim-dandy
jocose jocoserious jocular
jocund jokey jolif
jolly jovial joyful
joyous joysome jubilant
judicious juicy junoesque
just justifiable justified

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Adjectives that start with j adjectives with j

There are very few adjectives starting with J that are positive and descriptive. These words can be used to enhance writing and speech. They can also be helpful when describing people, places, and things. Remember to use these adjectives sparingly and appropriately. Thanks for reading!


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