20 Idioms That Describe Determination

Determination is a powerful trait that helps individuals push through challenges and achieve their goals. In English, there are many idioms that capture the essence of this tenacity. Here are 20 idioms that describe determination, each with a brief meaning and example sentence to help you understand and use them effectively.

1. Bite the bullet

Meaning: Endure a painful situation
Example: He had to bite the bullet and finish the marathon.

2. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: Work late into the night
Example: She burned the midnight oil to meet the deadline.

3. Come hell or high water

Meaning: No matter what
Example: She’ll succeed, come hell or high water.

4. Dig in your heels

Meaning: Refuse to change
Example: He dug in his heels and refused to quit.

5. Go the extra mile

Meaning: Make extra effort
Example: She always goes the extra mile for her clients.

6. Hang in there

Meaning: Persevere
Example: Just hang in there, things will get better.

7. Keep your chin up

Meaning: Stay positive
Example: Despite the loss, he kept his chin up.

8. No pain, no gain

Meaning: Hard work pays off
Example: She believes in the saying, no pain, no gain.

9. On the ball

Meaning: Alert and efficient
Example: He’s always on the ball at work.

10. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps

Meaning: Improve by your efforts
Example: He pulled himself up by his bootstraps after the failure.

11. Sink or swim

Meaning: Succeed or fail
Example: It’s a sink or swim situation for the new manager.

12. Soldier on

Meaning: Continue despite difficulties
Example: He decided to soldier on despite the setback.

13. Stand your ground

Meaning: Maintain your position
Example: She stood her ground during the negotiation.

14. Stick to your guns

Meaning: Hold onto your beliefs
Example: He stuck to his guns about the decision.

15. The going gets tough

Meaning: Facing difficulty
Example: When the going gets tough, she never gives up.

16. Throw in the towel

Meaning: Give up
Example: He refused to throw in the towel after one failure.

17. Tough it out

Meaning: Endure difficult conditions
Example: They decided to tough it out during the crisis.

18. Up and at ’em

Meaning: Get going and active
Example: Every morning, he’s up and at ’em early.

19. Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Meaning: Determination finds solutions
Example: She believes where there’s a will, there’s a way.

20. Zero in on

Meaning: Focus intently
Example: She zeroed in on her goals and achieved them.

Idioms That Describe Determination

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