Adjectives That Start With U

If you want to describe a person or something, here are so many adjectives that start with U although it’s hard to know where to start! However, a few of my favorites include unique, unruly, and unabashed. Each one has its own special meaning and connotation that can really enhance your writing.

Unique is one of the most commonly used adjectives in the English language, and for good reason. It’s a great way to describe something that’s one of a kind and unlike anything else. Unruly is perfect for things that are chaotic and out of control, while unabashed can add an element of bravery or confidence to your writing.

These are just a few of the amazing adjectives that start with u. So next time you’re looking for just the right word to describe something, don’t forget about this letter!

adjectives starting with u

Adjectives Starting With U

1- Unadulterated: not mixed or diluted with any other substance.

2- Unanimous: having the agreement of all people involved.

3- Unbiased: not influenced by personal feelings.

4- Unblemished: free from any mark, stain, or defect; perfect.

5- Unchanging: remaining the same over time.

6- Uncivilized: not having an advanced or organized culture.

7- Uncommon: not found very often; unusual.

8- Unconventional: different from what is considered traditional or normal.

9- Uncritical: not inclined to judge or criticize.

10- Undeniable: impossible to dispute or deny.

11- Underhanded: done in a secret, deceitful way; sneaky.

12- Unexpected: not known about or anticipated in advance.

13- Unfavorable: not likely to produce a good outcome.

14- Unforgettable: so remarkable that it will not be forgotten.

15- Unfortunate: not lucky or fortunate; having bad luck.

16- Ungrateful: not showing gratitude or appreciation.

17- Uninhibited: without any restrictions or limitations.

18- Uniformed: not having the necessary knowledge; uninformed.

19- Unintelligent: not showing or characterized by intelligence.

20- Unique: one of a kind; unlike any other.

21- Universal: applicable to everyone and every situation.

22- Unjust: not based on principles of fairness or justice.

23- Unkind: not showing consideration or compassion.

24- Unknown: not known; unfamiliar.

25- Unlawful: contrary to the law or a legal agreement.

26- Unnatural: not in accordance with the usual course of things.

27- Unprecedented: never having happened before; novel.

28- Unreliable: not dependable; untrustworthy.

29- Unrestricted: allowed to do whatever one pleases.

30- Unsatisfactory: not good enough; inadequate.

10 Good Adjectives With U  

1- Unwavering 

2- Upstanding

3- Unflappable 

4- Unique

5- Understanding

6- Upright

7- United 

8- Unforgettable

9- Unselfish 

10- Uncommon

Adjectives That Start With U

Unaffected Uncaused Unaccepted
Unchewable Untrusty Unconsecrated
Undivided Unbiased Undermanned
Undefendable Unconditional Unceremonious
Unsorted Uncapped Ungentlemanly
Undecided Upper Unconfessed
Unneighborly Ubiquitous Unapprehensive
Unreadable Underfed Unforgivable
Ulcerated Unbendable Uncolored
Undernourished Unconsolidated Unburnished
Unaccredited Ultrasonic Undenominational
Uninterrupted Undignified Unconventional
Uninformed Unchallengeable Unambiguous
Unhurt Uncomplicated Uncultivated
Untrusting Unanswerable Upstanding
Unascertainable Uber Unbarred
Uncultivable Uncovered Unreliable
Unclogged Unmotivated Unbeloved
Unavenged Unburied Unmistakable
Unanimous Underqualified Undelineated
Undistinguished Unwell Unargumentative
Undependable Unapologetic Uncomplaining
Umpteenth Unilateral Unadaptable
Uncomplimentary Unladylike Unarticulate
Underdressed Uneasy Unbeholden
Undesirable Umpteen Uncarbonated
Uncontrived Unruly Upmost
Unbecoming Unalterable Unsure
Unblessed Unaggressive Unnecessary
Unairworthy Uncorrupted Unconstricted
Understandable Unwashed Undecipherable
Unpopular Unchartered Unfaithful
Undeserving Unbigoted Unannealed
Underway Unconcealed Unbaptized
Undereducated Unjust Untapped
Unbeneficed Undatable Unconstipated
Unclothed Uncurtained Unadoptable
Unaged Ugly Uncoordinated
Unadvised Undefiled Uncommercialized
Unappealable Uncombed Uncontaminated
Unworried Uncheckable Uncollected
Unimaginative Unskilled Umbilical
Unacceptable Uncounted Unmasked
Unadorned Unargued Unbloody
Uncomprehending Unconstrained Unbraced
Unopposed Unmanly Uncontroversial
Unsafe Uncertified Unbiassed
Unconscionable Unassisted Undisputed
Unprincipled Unanticipated Unconditioned
Unforgiving Unconnected Umbilicate
Undescended Uncategorised Unassuming
Uncommunicative Unwieldy Unaffixed
Unavailing Unchivalrous Unanalyzable
Unbodied Unarmored Unangry
Uncharitable Undefended Uncombined
Uncharacteristic Unactive Unamended
Unbeknownst Unconstitutional Uncordial
Unstudied Umbellate Undecorated
Uncontested Unaccompanied Uncousinly
Unattended Unimpressive Unkempt
Undercooked Understated Unstressed
Untainted Unclaimed Umteenth
Unpredictable Unread Underdone
Uneven Upright Unanswered
Uncontainable Underage Ugandan
Uncultured Undamaged Unresponsive
Unsupervised Uncharted Uncomparable
Uncorrected Uniform Ungracious
Uncommon Unearthed Unintended
Undeclared Umbrella Unrivaled
Uncastrated Underpopulated Untouchable
Unchained Undaunted Undesiring
Unused Undecomposable Unheard
Unhelpful Uncoupled Unwilling
Uproarious Unobjectionable Unassailable
Unremitting Unbefitting Unending
Uncivil Unstoppable Underweight
Underlying Unashamed Uncollectible

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adjectives starting with u to describe a person

Adjectives Starting With U To Describe Someone

Unascribable Unsullied Unchallenged
Unharmed Upstage Unctuous
Unacquisitive Uncreased Undisclosed
Unblinking Utter Untamed
Unrealistic Unselfish Unadventurous
Unavailable Ulterior Undemocratic
Uncommercial Unbelieving Unadjustable
Unnerved Unfriendly Unmade
Unconvincing Unencumbered Unchanged
Unhealthy Unattributable Unbooked
Unattached Unperturbed Undecomposed
Unfirm Unaesthetic Ukrainian
Uncrystallized Undercoated Unconsummated
Utopian Upward Uncategorized
Unaffiliated Uncurbed Unbacked
Ungovernable Unbitter Unalloyed
Understaffed Unchristian Unappealing
Unassigned Unfit Unarguable
Unawakened Untidy Untroubled
Undemanding Umteen Unblemished
Uncrowded Unworkable Undeferential
Unassertive Unenergetic Understanding
Unalarming Unaired Unholy
Unbarrelled Unburdened Unforgettable
Unborn Unconverted Unfamiliar
Unclear Unactable Unconfined
Unassignable Undeceived Unlicensed
Unimpeachable Undoubted Uncleared
Unparalleled Unspoiled Undesigned
Undefinable Uncompounded Unsolvable
Unconformable Underemployed Unbarreled
Unbeatable Unfair Unceremonial
Unraveled Uncompassionate Undesired
Unbelievable Uncouth Upsetting
Unappreciated Unsuited Uncompleted
Unafraid Unavoidable Unpleasant
Unforeseeable Undeniable Uncool
Ungrateful Uncertain Unbeknown
Unfocused Uncrowned Unanalyzed
Unrefined Unguarded Underwater
Uncontrollable Unable Unbearable
Underhand Untested Unripe
Unprofessional Unblushing Unfilled
Underprivileged Ultramontane Unauthentic
Uncorroborated Uncooked Unarmoured
Unanimated Unthankful Unwitting
Unprecedented Unsightly Unwary
Uncharged Ugliest Unstable
Unappendaged Undersexed Uncomprehensible
Unabused Unacknowledged Underslung
Unpretentious Useful Underground
Unconquered Underarm Uncivilized
Uncleanly Unemotional Unassured
Uncarved Unquestionable Undeserved
Unbounded Unbrushed Unarticulated
Unclouded Unintelligent Unobtainable
Unceasing Uncompetitive Uncured
Underactive Unlike Unattainable
Undesirous Uncoloured Unasked
Unchristianly Unconvinced Uncongenial
Uncrannied Uncial Umbrageous
Uptight Uncompartmented Unary
Unequivocal Unclimbable Unbreakable
Uninspired Unglued Unauthorized
Unaccommodating Underhanded Unaltered
Undersealed Unsettling Unnatural
Undemonstrative Unscathed Uncontaminating
Uncurving Unagitated Unappetising
Uncaring Unclassifiable Unadjusted
Unbanded Uncolumned Unapproachable
Unconsumed Ultra Unaccented
Ulnar Ulcerous Unchangeable
Unbleached Unconfused Universal
Unbrainwashed Unbranded Unabashed
Underfunded Unaddressed Uncrossed
Underclothed Unchaste Umbelliferous
Ultramodern Unavowed Unnoticeable
Uncorrelated Umbelliform Unlucky
Unflinching Uncompensated Unyielding
Unruffled Unsound Unbelted
Uncrystallised Unbelieved Untitled
Uncompromising Ult Unappreciative
Uncaulked Underbred Undated
Unbranched Unchanging Unbridled
Unthinking Uppity Uncurable
Unconsidered Unheeded Unquestioning
Unhappy Uncomplete Unbaptised
Unlikable Undiplomatic Unified
Unclipped Unrepentant Unconformist
Ultimate Uncut Uncorrectable
Underhung Unlawful Unconvertible
Unchristlike Umptieth Unbalconied
Unsophisticated Unawed Undersea
Unpassable Unasterisked Unclean
Unspeakable Uncooperative Unaddicted
Unclassified Undercover

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positive adjectives that begin with u

Positive Adjectives That Start With U

unselfish up-to-date undeviating
unsuspected unimpeded up-to-the-minute
unblemished Unmasked Unopposed
unequivocal unconditional uniform
unforgettable unrivaled undaunted
unbiased upper undisputed
unbeaten Unadulterated unprecedented
Unanimous united upward
useful Unused usual
undeterred unmatched untroubled
Understood unfailing utopian
Unafraid undeniable urbane
unfaltering untapped Unaffected
Unadorned utter Uninjured
untainted unerring unsuspecting
Unquestioning universal unencumbered
unperturbed unhesitating upbeat
Uneventful undivided ubiquitous
unblushing unceasing uttermost
unabashed unmitigated uncritical
undamaged unconcerned unimaginable
upright Uncluttered unsinkable
undoubted upmost unstressed
unsurpassable unbreakable Uninterrupted
unsurprising unsurpassed unique
unbeatable unending uncomplaining
undefeated Unassisted usable
unstoppable utilitarian unconventional
unconstrained unruffled understanding
unmistakable unspoiled unassailable

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Adjectives that start with u adjectives with u personality describing adjectives with u

When you are writing, using adjectives that start with “u” can help your writing stand out and be more memorable. It is also a great way to show off your vocabulary skills! However, make sure that you use these words correctly and only when they are appropriate. Overuse can make your writing sound cheesy or fake.

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