20 Idioms That Describe Effort

Effort is the driving force behind achievements and progress. Understanding idioms that describe effort can enrich your language and convey the intensity and dedication behind actions. Here are 20 idioms that perfectly capture various aspects of effort.

1. Bend Over Backwards

Meaning: Go to great lengths
Example: She bent over backwards to help.

2. Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Meaning: Hard work
Example: The project took blood, sweat, and tears.

3. Pull Out All the Stops

Meaning: Use all resources
Example: They pulled out all the stops for the event.

4. Go the Extra Mile

Meaning: Make additional effort
Example: He always goes the extra mile for clients.

5. Burn the Midnight Oil

Meaning: Work late
Example: She burned the midnight oil studying.

6. Leave No Stone Unturned

Meaning: Explore all options
Example: They left no stone unturned in the search.

7. Put Your Heart and Soul Into

Meaning: Fully commit
Example: He put his heart and soul into the job.

8. Give It Your All

Meaning: Put in maximum effort
Example: She gave it her all in the competition.

9. Move Heaven and Earth

Meaning: Do whatever it takes
Example: They moved heaven and earth to succeed.

10. Work Like a Dog

Meaning: Work very hard
Example: He worked like a dog all week.

11. Sweat Blood

Meaning: Work extremely hard
Example: They sweat blood to meet the deadline.

12. Pull Your Weight

Meaning: Do your share
Example: Everyone needs to pull their weight on the team.

13. Go to Great Lengths

Meaning: Make significant effort
Example: She went to great lengths to prepare.

14. Put in the Hours

Meaning: Spend a lot of time
Example: He put in the hours to master the skill.

15. Make a Supreme Effort

Meaning: Try very hard
Example: They made a supreme effort to finish on time.

16. Bust a Gut

Meaning: Work extremely hard
Example: He busted a gut to complete the project.

17. Break Your Back

Meaning: Make a huge effort
Example: She broke her back getting everything ready.

18. Go All Out

Meaning: Use maximum effort
Example: They went all out for the performance.

19. Give It Everything You’ve Got

Meaning: Put in maximum effort
Example: He gave it everything he had in the race.

20. Take Pains

Meaning: Make a lot of effort
Example: She took pains to ensure accuracy.

Idioms That Describe Effort

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