20 Idioms That Describe Persistence

Persistence is a quality that drives success, allowing individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Idioms about persistence reflect the determination and steadfastness required to keep going despite difficulties. Here are 20 idioms that vividly describe the essence of persistence.

1. Keep on trucking

Meaning: Continue despite difficulties
Example: “Despite setbacks, she keeps on trucking.”

2. Stick to your guns

Meaning: Maintain your position
Example: “He stuck to his guns during the debate.”

3. Hang in there

Meaning: Persist and not give up
Example: “Just hang in there, things will improve.”

4. Never say die

Meaning: Remain optimistic
Example: “She has a never say die attitude.”

5. Hold your ground

Meaning: Stand firm
Example: “He held his ground in negotiations.”

6. Keep at it

Meaning: Continue with determination
Example: “Keep at it, you’re doing great.”

7. Stay the course

Meaning: Continue despite difficulties
Example: “They stayed the course through hard times.”

8. Press on

Meaning: Continue with effort
Example: “She pressed on with her studies.”

9. Soldier on

Meaning: Continue despite difficulties
Example: “Even tired, they soldiered on.”

10. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: Work late into the night
Example: “She burns the midnight oil before exams.”

11. Go the distance

Meaning: Complete something despite difficulties
Example: “He went the distance to finish the marathon.”

12. Keep your nose to the grindstone

Meaning: Work hard continuously
Example: “He keeps his nose to the grindstone at work.”

13. Bite the bullet

Meaning: Face a difficult situation
Example: “She bit the bullet and finished the project.”

14. Stay on track

Meaning: Continue as planned
Example: “They stayed on track despite issues.”

15. Dig in your heels

Meaning: Refuse to change
Example: “He dug in his heels on the decision.”

16. Grind away

Meaning: Work hard continuously
Example: “She grinds away at her research.”

17. Plow through

Meaning: Continue despite difficulties
Example: “They plowed through the tough times.”

18. See it through

Meaning: Complete despite difficulties
Example: “He saw the project through to the end.”

19. Keep plugging away

Meaning: Continue working hard
Example: “She keeps plugging away at her goals.”

20. Tough it out

Meaning: Endure difficult conditions
Example: “He toughed it out through the storm.”

Idioms That Describe Persistence

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