Adjectives That Start With D

Daring, dominant, dizzy, dull, dirty are some common adjectives that start with D. Each adjective has a unique meaning that can be used in a sentence. When selecting the right adjective for a particular situation, use your instinct and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Daring is a great adjective to describe someone who is fearless and always ready for a challenge. For example, my daring friend was the first one to jump into the pool. Dominant describes someone who is in control and doesn’t take kindly to being challenged. My dominant boss expects employees to follow his rules without question.

Dizzy can be used to describe someone who is in a state of confusion or disorientation. I felt dizzy after spinning around three times.

Adjectives Starting With D

  1. Dishonest: not being honest, not telling the truth
  2. Detestable: extremely unpleasant or repulsive
  3. Dazzling: incredibly impressive or attractive
  4. Discreet: careful and prudent in one’s speech or actions
  5. Diffident: lacking self-confidence; timid
  6. Dubious: having doubts; not fully convinced
  7. Dissatisfied: unhappy because something is not to one’s liking
  8. Dainty: delicate or small; exquisite
  9. Doting: excessively fond or loving
  10. Delightful: giving great pleasure or joy; enjoyable, charming.
  11. Diligent: hardworking and showing care in one’s work
  12. Disingenuous: not candid or sincere; deceptive or insincere.
  13. Demure: modest, reserved, and shy.
  14. Decorous: having good taste, polite and proper behavior
  15. Dogmatic: stubbornly adhering to one’s opinion or belief.
  16. Daring: adventurous and courageous, willing to take risks.
  17. Domineering: attempting to control or dominate others; bossy.
  18. Dilapidated: in a state of disrepair, crumbling, or decayed.
  19. Dispassionate: not emotionally involved; impartial.
  20. Devastating: causing great destruction or damage.
  21. Despicable: deserving strong dislike, contemptible.
  22. Discursive: tending to digress from the main point; rambling.
  23. Dubitable: open to doubt or question; uncertain.
  24. Defiant: boldly resisting authority or opposition.
  25. Discerning: having good judgment and understanding; perceptive.
  26. Diminutive: very small; tiny.
  27. Disparate: fundamentally different, not able to be compared.
  28. Ducal: relating to a duke or duchess; noble and stately.
  29. Disconsolate: feeling extreme sorrow and despair; desolate.
  30. Deciduous: shedding leaves annually; not evergreen. 

10 Good Adjectives With D  

1- Diligent

2- Dignified

3- Delightful

4- Dependable

5- Devoted

6- Dynamic

7- Dazzling

8- Discerning

9- Discreet 

10- Distinguished 

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Adjectives That Start With D

adjectives starting with d

Dishonest Drugged Deferential
Dainty Doltish Disapproving
Dependent Delectable Decreasing
Deranged Deluded Doubtful
Discerning Doleful Dressy
Directive Deplorable Dastardly
Debonair Delinquent Decent
Decisive Direct Daughterly
Dismaying Daisylike Defensible
Dissatisfied Derogatory Darling
Dandified Debuting Demure
Dantesque Dire Decayed
Disheveled Daft Daily
Dappled Democrat Drenched
Debatable Dirty Defective
Doomed Defamatory Disaffected
Driving Detailed Disgusted
Defense Down Dried
Dreamy Devotional Diffuse
Discomfit Damascene Diverted
Doable Drying Deprived
Delicate Daylong Dryer
Demulcent Decided Disrespectful
Disappointing Dimensional Deluxe
Distinct Disallowable Dual
Disgusting Defenseless Disruptive
Disastrous Disadvantaged Disciplinarian
Delighted Discontent Draconian
Dream Digressive Dwarf
Dated Dangerously Diverse
Dantean Downright Deaf
Dacitic Demanding Disliked
Damn Disillusioned Dietetic
Doting Distinguished Decadent
Dreamless Difference Day

Adjectives that start with M

Adjectives Starting With D To Describe Someone

adjectives starting with d to describe a person

Disarmed Depraved Demonic
Dalmatian Damaged Delicious
Dashing Dominant Disciplined
Dastard Defeated Dank
Dawning Data-based Discovered
Damask Degenerative Diligent
Docile Determinate Distressed
Day Diabolic Driven
Delightful Despairing Dim
Damnable Dashed Darker
Devout Despised Disparate
Daunting Darwinian Danceable
Duplicate Diplomatic Dimensioned
Draft Dactylic Demonstrative
Disturbed Datable Dehydrated
Designer Definitive Definite
Duller Darned Drunke
Distrusted Domineering Dubious
Darkish Daedal Deadly
Double Diabetic Dispensable
Distant Dwarfish Displayed
Discouraged Defiant Declining
Dexterous Despicable Damaging
Directory Diminishing Depressing
Darkening Drained Deformed
Depressed Displeased Defender
Diluted Disappointed Deceitful
Decaying Dilated Dead
Despondent Dazzled Damnatory
Dreadful Darkened Digital
Dogged Downtrodden Dear
Discarded Disorderly Disreputable
Dependable Difficult Doorless
Daunted Deafening Dazed
Dandy Dreaded Divine
Diagonal Dusty Droopy
Dorsal Dateless Dumb
Dull Determined Dampish
Debated Deft Dejected
Devoted Dramatic Discreet
Drunk Deceptive Detrimental
Dismayed Dry Dusk
Done Disabled Deploring
Dying Delirious Dour
Devious Damned Disdainful
Detached Deserving Differential
Damp Daring Doubtless
Disagreeable Dangerous Darkling
Disappearing Disputed Dedicated
Destroyed Decorous Danish
Decorative Domesticated Drab
Different Dandyish Degraded
Dilapidated Disarming Developing
Dancing Doddering Distasteful
Dawdling Daffy Detectable
Demoralized Dazzling Donor
Detestable Disgruntled Desperate
Dabbled Drooping Dark
Devastating Dignified Decrepit
Diseased Developed Disbelieving
Demented Diamond Discontinuous
Dressed Daredevil Desired
Drastic Dateable Disproved
Deciding Dismal Dowdy
Diminutive Dilatory Discarnate
Disinterested Dauntless

Adjectives that start with W

Positive Adjectives That Start With D

positive adjectives that begin with d

Diplomatic Desirable Dollish
Disaffected Diverse Distinctive
Deeply Disarming Dilatory
Developing Delicious Detectable
Didactic Dashing Discernable
Developed Discreet Doting
Discovered Daughterly Detailed
Dainty Deliberative Deliberate
Dancing Dulcet Determinate
Decorative Dandy Demure
Deft Deluxe Debonair
Decent Dear Devoted
Dependable Diffuse Desired
Definable Descriptive Dawning
Divine Decontaminating Dazzling
Diligent Daffy Dreaming
Dominant Debuting Decided
Direct Delightful Devotional
Durable Decisive Dynamic
Daring Defender Definitive
Dream Diamond Dress
Disciplined Driven Deciding
Double Doable Doubtless
Dapper Demonstrative Dexterous
Dressy Droll Definite
Diversified Dogged Delicate
Designer Decorous Devout
Dope Dutiful Decadent
Dovish Defendable Desirous
Dreamy Dignified Delectable
Distinct Distinguished Defensible
Dedicated Demulcent Deserving
Determined Delighted

Adjectives that start with E

adjectives with d Adjectives that start with d personality describing adjectives with dThere are many adjectives starting with d as listed above that can be used to describe people, places, and things. By using these words, you can create a more vivid description for the reader. Be sure to choose the right adjective for the right situation, and always use proper grammar. With these tips in mind, you can be on your way to writing more descriptive stories, articles, and poems.

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