Adjectives for Difference, Words to Describe Difference

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to describe something or someone but simply couldn’t find the right words? If so, then this blog post is for you! Here we’ll explore adjectives—words that are used to modify nouns and pronouns—that can be used as descriptors of differences.

Whether it be physical traits, emotional states, values, attitudes, qualities or other distinguishing characteristics; these descriptive adjectives will help paint an even more vivid picture when describing exactly what makes one individual or thing unique from another. So while there are thousands of adjectives out there to choose from when trying to convey a thought-provoking message, let us look at the ones that best express difference.

Adjectives for Difference

20 Adjectives for Difference

1- Divergent

2- Varied

3- Unalike

4- Disparate

5- Contrasting

6- Opposite

7- Diverging

8- Separate

9- Dissimilar

10- Distinct

11- At odds

12- Incompatible


14- Unmatched

15- Unequal

16- Discrepant

17- Distinguishable

18- Contrastive

19- Variegated

20- Contradictory

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Words To Describe Difference

1- Divergent: Moving away from each other

2- Varied: Made up of diverse parts

3- Unalike: Not similar in any way

4- Disparate: Having no connection or likeness

5- Contrasting: Markedly different

6- Opposite: Completely different

7- Diverging: Moving away from each other

8- Separate: One thing apart from another

9- Dissimilar: Having no points of resemblance

10- Distinct: Easily distinguished

11- At odds: Not in agreement

12- Incompatible: Unable to exist together

13- Inconsistent : Lacking in consistency or uniformity

14- Unmatched: Not equivalent or equal

15- Unequal: Not identical or the same

16- Discrepant: Disagreeing in some way

17- Distinguishable: Able to be seen as distinct

18- Contrastive: Showing differences

19- Variegated : Having many different colors

20- Contradictory: Opposite or incompatible in nature.

Adjectives of Difference in Example Sentences

1- The outcome was divergent from our expectations.

2- His behavior varied considerably in different situations.

3- The twins were unalike in many ways.

4- The items seemed disparate and unrelated.

5- We found the two stories to be contrasting in nature.

6- Her opinion was completely opposite of mine.

7- They started diverging in their opinion.

8- We kept our problems separate from each other.

9- The two houses were dissimilar in size and design.

10- His speech was distinct and clear.

11- Our ideas were at odds with what the company wanted to do.

12- The two systems were incompatible with each other.

13- His statements were inconsistent and unreliable.

14- Her skills were unmatched by anyone else.

15- The two sides had unequal power in the negotiations.

16- There was a slight discrepant between their accounts of what happened.

17- The two paintings were distinguishable by their colors.

18- She was able to give contrastive examples of the concept.

19- His clothing had a variegated selection of colors.

20- His statements were contradictory and confusing.

Synonyms of Difference

1- Discrepancy

2- Disparity

3- Distinction

4- Discontinuity

5- Divergence

6- Dissimilarity

7- Incongruity

8- Inequality

9- Variances

10- Disaccord

11- Variation

12- Variableness

13- Variance

14- Discrepancy

15- Disproportion

16- Imbalance

17- Conflict

18- Contrast

19- Separation

20- Contrariness

20 Adjectives for Difference Words To Describe Difference Adjectives of Difference in Example Sentences Synonyms of Difference

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