Adjectives That Start With N

There are many amazing adjectives starting with N that can make your writing more descriptive and interesting. Some are noiseless, needful, nimble, needy, and naked. Noiseless adjectives are those that don’t make a sound. Needful adjectives are those that we need in order to survive. Nimble adjectives describe something that is quick and light on its feet. Needy adjectives describe something that is in need of something else. Naked adjectives describe something that is without any covering or protection.

adjectives starting with n

Adjectives Starting With N

1- Narcoleptic: having an uncontrollable tendency to fall asleep

2- Nostalgic: feeling happy and sad about past memories

3- Nefarious: extremely wicked, criminal, or immoral

4- Nonchalant: indifferent; coolly casual in attitude or manner

5- Noxious: poisonous; harmful to health

6- Notorious: well-known, usually for something bad

7- Nondescript: having no distinctive features

8- Nonplussed: confused; flustered; without a response

9- Naive: lacking worldliness and sophistication

10- Nimble: quick and agile in movement or thought

11- Nice: kind; thoughtful; pleasant

12- Neoteric: modern; up-to-date

13- Nefarious: extremely wicked, criminal, or immoral

14- Nascent: just emerging or coming into existence

15- Necromantic: relating to black magic and the supernatural

16- Neat: orderly and well arranged

17- Needful: necessary; required

18- Nostalgic: feeling happy and sad about past memories

19- Noxious: poisonous; harmful to health

20- Nobility: having a high rank in a social class

21- Nocturnal: active during the night

22- Naturalistic: having the characteristics of nature

23- Noncommittal: careful not to make a commitment or promise

24- Nauseating: causing disgust, revulsion, or nausea

25- Nullify: to render null and void; to cancel out

26- Nefarious: extremely wicked, criminal, or immoral

27- Nutritious: providing essential nourishment for growth and health

28- Nutty: crazy; absurd; eccentric

29- Neophyte: an inexperienced person; a novice

30- Nimble: quick and agile in movement or thought.

10 Good Adjectives With N  

1- Noble 

2- Natural

3- Nutritious

4- Notable

5- Neat

6- Nicely 

7- Nurturing 

8- Noblehearted 

9- Nifty

10- Nimble

Adjectives That Start With N

notorious noncompetitive noiseless
needful nimble needy
newborn nutty nationalist
narcotizing north nondescript
neat novel napping
naughty normal net
neoteric nourishing numb
noetic nationwide nervy
norse nutrimental nectarous
noisy nestling negotiable
norwegian needled null
noteworthy nontoxic noncivilized
nameless next new
nourished nonplused nonviolent
nifty nicest nice
northerly ninety neurotic
noxious negligible nefarious
naïve none nigerian
narrow nonconformist nutritive
nuclear necrotic nearsighted
nestled naked neanderthal
neuronic neckless numbing
nebulous neurotoxic nerdy
nurturing nullified neglectful
nary narcotic nutritious
nicer nervous needed
nonpartisan nasal nodular
neapolitan nonexistent nosy
nonchalant nonsensical nauseating
nonaligned never-failing nonaggressive
noncommittal neandertal noisome
numberless niggling neuter
narrowed nauseous neurological
narcissistic nuts numinous
nine nubile next-door
normative nitid nettled
now negative

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adjectives starting with n to describe a person

Adjectives Starting With N To Describe Someone

nebulose notable nativistic
narrative nepali negligent
nagging noncompliant navigable
naturalistic nepalese napoleonic
nonequivalent nomadic nasty
navigational narcoleptic neoclassic
nationalistic nascent northeast
neatest narrowing nightmarish
nativist naturalized nonpareil
nautical native neoclassical
nauseated nearby naval
nappy noticeable neutral
neglected nerveless neighborly
nubby nazi noble
noted napped nude
numerous necessary nonsense
nursed neighboring nonessential
neither national nettlesome
newfangled netlike noncomprehensive
nebular nibbled natural
nominal natal newest
nippy notably naming
nonproductive nonabsorbent nonconforming

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Positive Adjectives That Start With N

nicer nontoxic normative
navigable national noteworthy
nourished nutrimental neatest
normal nurturing noted
newfangled needed nearby
nutritive negotiable nutritious
nifty notable nutritional
necessary numinous nice
nascent nonchalant nonpareil
new neoteric nestling
noble novel neat
noetic nicest nitid
nimble-minded newborn notably
natural nonviolent nubile
nimble noiseless never-failing
now nationwide neighborly

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Adjectives that start with n adjectives with n personality describing adjectives with n

Use these words to add flavor to your work, and make sure to choose the right one for the right situation. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep writing and adding those powerful adjectives to your repertoire.

Thank you for reading! I hope this article has helped you learn more about adjectives starting with N and how to use them in your own writing.

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