Adjectives for Noise, Words to Describe Noise

Adjectives for Noise, Words to Describe Noise! Noise, in all its forms, can be a challenge to deal with. Whether it’s the rumble of traffic outside your window or the loud music from a neighbor’s party, noise is often an unwelcome disturbance. To best articulate what kind of noise you may be dealing with, it helps to have the right words. Here are some adjectives for describing different types of noise.

Loud noises are usually characterized by intensity and volume. Words like shrill, booming and thunderous provide great descriptions for especially loud sounds. If you want to pinpoint more subtle variations in sound levels, words like faint and rumbling can be useful as well. For sharp or sudden noises, words such as piercing and jangling are excellent descriptors.

adjectives for noise

20 Adjectives for Noise

Deafening Roaring Screeching
Rumbling Clattering Echoing
Humming Whirring Shrill
Buzzing Droning Singing
Barking Hiss Ing
Ringing Blaring Hooting
Clanking Tinkling   

Words to Describe Noise

1- Deafening: intensely loud, almost unbearably so.

The deafening sound of the fireworks startled us.

2- Roaring: a loud and continuous noise, like that of the wind or sea.

2- We heard a roaring noise coming from the other room.

3- Screeching: a loud, shrill and unpleasant noise.

The screeching tires made us jump out of our skin.

4- Rumbling: a low continuous sound like that of thunder or heavy traffic.

I could hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance.

5- Clattering: the loud rattling or clanking of objects being struck together.

The clattering dishes woke the baby up.

6- Echoing: reverberating sound produced in an empty room or space.

His voice echoed off the walls of the empty room.

7- Humming: a low, steady, continuous sound.

The humming of the fans was soothing.

8- Whirring: a high-pitched buzzing or humming sound.

We heard a whirring noise coming from the machine.

9- Shrill: making a piercing, sharp and unpleasant noise.

The shrill sound of her alarm clock made us jump out of bed.

10- Buzzing: making a continuous vibrating sound like that of bees or electric motors.

We were disturbed by the buzzing of the mosquitoes.

11- Droning: making a continuous low sound like that of an engine or motor.

The droning sound of the engine made us sleepy.

12- Singing: producing a melodic, musical sound.

The birds were singing in the trees.

13- Barking: making short, sharp and loud noises like those of a dog.

We heard a barking noise coming from outside our window.

14- Hissing: producing a long sibilant sound like that of air escaping through a small opening.

I could hear hissing coming from the pipe.

15- Ringing: making a clear, resonant sound like that of bells or church bells.

The ringing of the bells echoed in the church.

16- Blaring: producing loud and unpleasant noises like those from loudspeakers.

The blaring music made it impossible to concentrate.

17- Hooting: making a long, low sound like an owl’s call.

We heard a hooting noise coming from the woods.

18- Clanking: producing a loud metallic sound like that of metal being struck.

The clanking of metal tools filled the workshop.

19- Tinkling: making a light, gentle and high-pitched sound.

The tinkling of her laughter was infectious.

20- Whooshing: the sound produced by something passing quickly through the air or water.

I heard a whooshing sound as the plane flew overhead.

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