Adjectives for Peace, Words to Describe Peace

In a world that is often full of chaos and violence, it’s important to remember the power of peace. Peace is something that can be difficult to define, but it’s always worth striving for.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some different adjectives that can be used to describe peace. We’ll also discuss what peace means to us and why it’s so important.

adjectives for peace

20 Adjectives for Peace

Quiet Unruffled Pacified
Conciliatory Placid Pleasant
Tranquil Harmonious Amicable
Reassuring Mellowed Restful
Secluded Composed Muted
Balmy Cordial Pacifying
Calmness Silent

Words to Describe Peace

1- Unruffled: free of worry, anxiety, or agitation.

2- Pacified: calmed down, appeased or placated.

3- Conciliatory: attempting to settle disputes by making concessions.

4- Placid: having a gentle, peaceful and calm nature.

5- Pleasant: agreeable, enjoyable or satisfying.

6- Tranquil: free from disturbance, agitation or excitement.

7- Harmonious: in agreement or consistent with each other.

8- Amicable: friendly, diplomatic and cordial.

9- Reassuring: giving comfort or confidence.

10- Mellowed: having a softened or relaxed mood.

11- Restful: providing peace and relaxation.

12- Secluded: peaceful, remote and serene environment.

13- Composed: calm and in control of one’s emotions.

14- Muted: moderate, subdued or soft.

15- Balmy: mild, pleasant and soothing.

16- Cordial: warm, friendly and kind.

17- Pacifying: calming or soothing a person or situation.

18- Calmness: a peaceful state of mind or spirit.

19- Silent: making no sound or noise.

20- Quiet: having very little sound or activity.

Example Sentences for Peace Adjectives

1- He kept an unruffled composure throughout the meeting.

2- She managed to pacify the crying baby.

3- We adopted a conciliatory solution to end the conflict.

4- The placid lake was beautiful and serene.

5- It was such a pleasant surprise when they called us.

6- Everyone enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere of the forest.

7- A harmonious relationship between the two countries was formed.

8- They had an amicable discussion and reached a consensus.

9- He gave her a reassuring hug after she cried.

10- Everyone felt mellowed after the relaxing massage.

11- The restful bed had all the comfort we needed for sleeping.

12- We found a secluded spot to enjoy our picnic.

13- She remained composed even when the situation got tense.

14- He spoke in muted tones so as not to wake her up.

15- The balmy breeze was blowing softly against our faces.

16- They greeted each other with a cordial handshake.

17- He spoke in a pacifying manner to make her feel better.

18- I closed my eyes and felt the calmness of the night air.

19- The only sound was the silent whisper of the wind.

20- We spent a quiet evening at home reading books.

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