Adjectives That Start With Z

Before learning adjectives starting with z, I would like to share that Z is an interesting letter because it can be used for both male and female names. For example, the name Zachariah can be used for a boy or a girl. Additionally, the letter Z can be used to make words sound more exciting. For example, the word zoo sounds more fun than the word park. Finally, the letter Z can be used to make words sound more important. For example, the word zoom sounds more important than the word walk.

adjectives starting with z

Adjectives Starting With Z

1- Zygomatic: shaped like a yoke or two parts joined together.

2- Zillionth: an unimaginably small amount.

3- Zygodactyl: having two toes pointing forward and two pointing backward.

4- Zooty: stylish or fashionable; up-to-date.

5- Zazzy: eye-catching, striking, or attractive.

6- Zairean: of or from the African nation of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

7- Zealless: lacking enthusiasm.

8- Zionist: relating to a political worldview

9- Zeroth: first in order or importance.

10- Zoological: of or relating to animals and their study.

11- Zinconic: pertaining to zinc or its compounds.

12- Zippy: energetic or lively.

13- Zatfig: an expression of surprise or disbelief, usually used sarcastically.

14- Zero: nothing or having no value or importance.

15- Zonary: organized according to zones or regions.

16- Zealess: lacking enthusiasm or fervor.

17- Zambian: of or from the African nation of Zambia.

18- Zoned: divided into sections or areas by use or purpose.

19- Zappy: energetic, vibrant, and lively.

20- Zoetic: relating to life or being alive; animated.

21- Zany: humorous, often in a silly or absurd way.

22- Zonal: relating to different regions or areas.

23- Zodiacal: connected with the signs of the zodiac.

24- Zonked: completely exhausted or knocked out from sheer exhaustion.

25- Zealed: full of enthusiasm and determination.

26- Zoning: the process of dividing an area into zones or districts.

27- Zabian: relating to the African nation of Gabon.

28- Zoneless: without any definite boundaries or limits in time and space.

29- Zaftig: pleasantly plump with curves; voluptuous.

30- Zoogeni: pertaining to the genesis of living things.

10 Good Adjectives With Z  

1- Zealous

2- Zestful

3- Zenithal 

4- Zippy

5- Zealot

6- Zigzaggy 

7- Zoetic  

8- Zenlike  

9- Zonked 

10- Zealful

Adjectives That Start With Z

Zimbabwean Zygomatic Zillionth
Zygodactyl Zooty Zazzy
Zairean Zoogeographical Zealless
Zionist Zeroth Zoological
Zestful Zeolitic Zinconic
Zippy Zatfig Zero
Zonary Zealess Zambian
Zoned Zappy Zoetic
Zoophagous Zany

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adjectives starting with z to describe a person

Adjectives Starting With Z To Describe Someone

Zonal Zygomorphic Zesty
Zigzag Zingy Zodiacal
Zipless Zymontic Zonked
Zillion Zapping Zen
Zealous Zealed Zoning
Zabian Zoneless Zaftig

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positive adjectives that begin with z

Positive Adjectives That Start With Z

Zealous Zen Zillion
Zippy Zoetic Zestful

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Adjectives that start with z

When you meet someone new, it’s always important to make a good first impression. One way to do that is by using adjectives to describe them. If you want to admire someone, there are a lot of amazing adjectives that start with z that you can use. Some of them are:

Zealous – This adjective means full of enthusiasm or excitement. If someone is zealous, they’re probably very passionate about what they do.

Zippy – A zippy person is lively and energetic. They’re always on the go and always up for a good time.

Zesty – Zesty people are full of life and spice. They’re the perfect person to add some excitement to any situation.

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