Adjectives for Encouragement, Words to Describe Encouragement

A little bit of encouragement can go a long way, whether it is coming from a mentor, friend, or stranger. Encouragement has the ability to give us strength and hope and remind us that anything is possible. But what are the words that best describe this powerful feeling?

With so much to say about such an uplifting experience, here’s a list of adjectives you can use to accurately convey your feelings with others.

Adjectives for Encouragement

20 Adjectives for Encouragement

1- Inciting

2- Supportive

3- Enlivening

4- Inspiring

5- Stimulating

6- Reviving

7- Energizing

8- Motivating

9- Uplifting

10- Encouraging

11- Propitious

12- Promising

13- Upholding

14- Heartening

15- Confident

16- Reassuring

17- Inspirational

18- Empowering

19- Cheering

20- Hopeful

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Words To Describe Encouragement

1- Inciting: inciting someone to action

2- Supportive: providing support and encouragement

3- Enlivening: filling with vitality or animation

4- Inspiring: making someone feel that they want to do something

5- Stimulating: stimulating or motivating someone

6- Reviving: bringing back life, vigor, or activity

7- Energizing: providing energy or enthusiasm

8- Motivating: causing someone to want to act or do something

9- Uplifting: raising the spirits of someone who is down

10- Encouraging: giving someone courage, hope, or confidence

11- Propitious: forming a favorable circumstance

12- Promising: suggesting a good outcome

13- Upholding: providing support or encouragement

14- Heartening: giving courage and hope

15- Confident: feeling sure of oneself and one’s abilities

16- Reassuring: giving someone confidence or assurance

17- Inspirational: inspiring or causing someone to act

18- Empowering: giving power or authority to someone

19- Cheering: making someone feel more cheerful and optimistic

20- Hopeful: expecting a favorable outcome.

Adjectives of Encouragement in Example Sentences

1- His inciting words inspired me to pursue my dreams.

2- She was always supportive of my goals and aspirations.

3- Her words were enlivening, bringing life to the room.

4- His inspiring speech moved us all to act.

5- The stimulating dialogue encouraged us to think creatively.

6- His words revived our energy and enthusiasm.

7- It was energizing to hear her words of encouragement.

8- His motivating words propelled us to action.

9- Her uplifting messages inspired us all.

10- His encouraging tone gave us courage and hope.

11- We felt a propitious attitude from the atmosphere.

12- His promising words filled us with optimism.

13- He upheld our spirits when we were down.

14- Her heartening words warmed our hearts.

15- His confident attitude exuded strength and courage.

16- His reassuring words gave us comfort and assurance.

17- Her inspirational story made us want to do something.

18- His empowering message gave me the strength I needed.

19- His cheering words brought a smile to our faces.

20- We felt hopeful for the future after his inspiring words.

Synonyms of Encouragement

1- Applaud

2- Appreciate

3- Applause

4- Commend

5- Congratulate

6- Exhort

7- Inspire

8- Motivate

9- Nurture

10- Praise

11- Reassure

12- Salute

13- Stimulate

14- Support

15- Cheer

16- Encourage

17- Endorse

18- Uplift

19- Urge

20- Esteem

20 Adjectives for Encouragement Words To Describe Encouragement Adjectives of Encouragement in Example Sentences Synonyms of Encouragement

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