Words to Describe Pretty, Adjectives for Pretty

Words to Describe Pretty, Adjectives for Pretty! The Word Pretty is an adjective that can be used to describe many different types of things. Whether it’s used to describe a person, an object, or even a place, the word pretty evokes feelings of admiration and beauty. From its Latin root ‘pulcher’ for beautiful, there are countless adjectives to describe something as being pretty.

The most common adjectives for pretty include gorgeous, stunning, exquisite, delightful, ravishing and radiant. All these words capture a sense of beauty and admiration that comes from looking at something that has been deemed to be pretty. Additionally when referring to people, one could use words such as attractive or cute – both of which reflect the same feeling of admiration for someone else’s appearance.

20 Adjectives for Pretty

Beautiful Gorgeous Charming
Attractive Lovely Elegant
Fascinating Graceful Alluring
Radiant Exquisite Delicate
Stunning Divine Fair
Enchanting Dazzling Picturesque
Glamorous Exotic

Words to Describe Pretty

1- Beautiful: very attractive, pleasing and delightful.

2- Gorgeous: physically stunning in a striking way.

3- Charming: having an attractive or end earing quality.

4- Attractive: pleasing and enticing looks or characteristics.

5- Lovely: very beautiful, attractive, or appealing in a delicate way.

6- Elegant: having a dignified gracefulness and stylishness.

7- Fascinating: extremely interesting and captivating.

8- Graceful: having a pleasing flow or movement.

9- Alluring: attractive and tempting in an irresistible way.

10- Radiant: brightly glowing, shining or sparkling.

11- Exquisite: extremely beautiful or delicate in appearance.

12- Delicate: finely detailed, intricate or complexed.

13- Stunning: strikingly beautiful or attractive in appearance.

14- Divine: extremely beautiful and pleasing to the senses.

15- Fair: pleasant, equal, appropriate or just.

16- Enchanting: captivatingly beautiful or delightful.

17- Dazzling: to have an impressive display of skill or brilliance.

18- Picturesque: visually attractive and pleasing to look at.

19- Glamorous: having an excitingly alluring beauty or charm.

20- Exotic: strikingly unusual or strange in a fascinating way.

Example Sentences for Pretty Adjectives

1- She had a beautiful smile that lit up the room.

2- The view of the beach was gorgeous.

3- He had a charming personality that made him popular.

4- She looked stunning in her new dress.

5- We all agreed it was lovely weather for a picnic.

6- The ballroom had an elegant décor that set the mood.

7- The play was fascinating and kept everyone engaged.

8- She was graceful as she danced across the floor.

9- His alluring voice mesmerized us all.

10- Her radiant beauty shone through her dress.

11- The ice sculpture was an exquisite piece of art.

12- The delicate pores of her skin were amazing.

13- He had a stunning physique that made him popular.

14- We all felt the divine energy in the room.

15- It was a fair decision given the circumstances.

16- She had an enchanting presence wherever she went.

17- The fireworks were dazzling in the night sky.

18- The small village was picturesque and charming.

19- She had a glamorous look that caught everyone’s attention.

20- The exotic bird was a rare sight to behold.

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