Adjectives for Humans, Words to Describe Humans

Humans are complex, unique creatures that can be difficult to fully describe and understand. The English language gives us an array of words to express this complexity, but with thousands upon thousands of adjectives available – it can be hard to know which one best suits a particular situation.

To help shed light on how we might explain the breadth of human experience, here we will explore some of the most common – yet meaningful – ways to use adjectives words when describing humans and relationships.

Adjectives for Humans

20 Adjectives for Humans

1- Ambitious

2- Brave

3- Clever

4- Confident

5- Dependable

6- Generous

7- Helpful

8- Honest

9- Humble

10- Intelligent

11- Kind

12- Loyal

13- Optimistic

14- Passionate

15- Positive

16- Respectful

17- Responsible

18- Selfless

19- Trustworthy

20- Wise

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Words To Describe Humans

1- Ambitious: having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

2- Brave: having or showing courage.

3- Clever: having the ability to think quickly; mentally sharp.

4- Confident: feeling sure of oneself; having no doubt about one’s capabilities, correctness, etc.

5- Dependable: able to be relied upon to do or provide what is needed.

6- Generous: willing to give more of something than is usual or expected.

7- Helpful: providing assistance; giving aid.

8- Honest: truthful and sincere.

9- Humble: having a modest or low view of one’s importance.

10- Intelligent: possessing mental acuity and the ability to acquire and apply knowledge.

11- Kind: having or showing a friendly, generous and considerate nature.

12- Loyal: faithful to one’s commitments, obligations or people; unwavering in allegiance.

13- Optimistic: having or characterized by hope and confidence.

14- Passionate: displaying strong emotions or beliefs.

15- Positive: characterized by optimism, confidence and affirmation.

16- Respectful: showing or having regard for the rights, wishes and feelings of others.

17- Responsible: being accountable for an action or decision; answerable.

18- Selfless: unselfish; not motivated by personal gain or interest.

19- Trustworthy: able to be relied on as honest or truthful.

20- Wise: having or characterized by experience, knowledge and good judgement.

Adjectives of in Humans Short Example Sentences

1- She is an ambitious woman who strives to reach her goals.

2- He was brave enough to stand up for what he believed in.

3- She was incredibly clever and could solve any problem quickly.

4- He was confident in his abilities, which made him successful.

5- His dependability always put others at ease.

6- She was so generous with her time, money and resources.

7- He was always willing to help others in need.

8- His honesty earned him the trust of all his colleagues.

9- She remained humble despite her many successes.

10- His intelligence allowed him to excel in his studies.

11- She was always so kind to strangers in need of help.

12- His loyalty never wavered even when faced with adversity.

13- His optimism made him a bright light in the darkest of times.

14- Her passion for her work motivated everyone around her.

15- He always remained positive even when the odds were against him.

16- He was so respectful of other people’s opinions and beliefs.

17- His sense of responsibility made him a valuable member of the team.

18- She always put others before herself with her selfless attitude.

19- People trusted her because she was always so trustworthy.

20- His wise counsel was sought after by many people.

Synonyms of Humans

1- Person

2- Individual

3- Mortal

4- Being

5- Creature

6- Soul

7- Hominid

8- Homo sapien

9- Man

10- Woman

11- Citizen

12- Soulmate

13- Progeny

14- Offspring

15- Specimen

16- Denizen

17- Dweller

18- Homo

19- Anthropoid

20- Kinfolk

20 Adjectives for Humans Words To Describe Humans Adjectives of Humans in Example Sentences Synonyms of Humans

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