Adjectives for Hot, Words to Describe Hot

When it comes to describing something hot, adjectives like boiling, steaming, and blazing are often the first words that come to mind. But there are a huge array of interesting words in the English language that can be used to properly describe heat.

From scorching summer days to piping-hot tea straight from the pot, each warm experience requires its own unique vocabulary. Thankfully, with this comprehensive list of adjectives for describing hot temperatures and sensations at our disposal, finding just the right word has never been easier!

Adjectives for Hot

20 Adjectives for Hot

1- Boiling

2- Blistering

3- Torrid

4- Scorching

5- Sweltering

6- Searing

7- Blazing

8- Infernal

9- Red Hot

10- Brimstone

11- Fiery

12- Heatwave

13- Scorched

14- Incandescent

15- Sultry

16- Molten

17- Smoldering

18- Oven-like

19- Roasting

20- Torre faction

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Words To Describe Hot

1- Boiling: Extremely hot

2- Blistering: Extremely and uncomfortably hot

3- Torrid: Intense heat

4- Scorching: Hot enough to burn or parch

5- Sweltering: Overwhelmingly hot

6- Searing: Uncomfortably hot

7- Blazing: Burning hot

8- Infernal: Extremely and unpleasantly hot

9- Red Hot: Very hot

10- Brimstone: Incredibly hot

11- Fiery: Hot like fire

12- Heatwave: Period of abnormally high temperatures

13- Scorched: Drastically dried by heat

14- Incandescent: Abnormally hot and bright

15- Sultry: Hot and humid

16- Molten: Heated until liquid

17- Smoldering: Burning slowly with smoke

18- Oven-like: Extremely hot like an oven

19- Roasting: Very hot, often uncomfortably so

20- Torrefaction: Extreme dry heat that causes substances to become brittle

Adjectives of Hot in Example Sentences

1- The boiling water almost scalded my skin.

2- The blistering summer sun made it hard to enjoy the day.

3- The torrid desert heat was unbearable.

4- She felt the scorching sand beneath her feet.

5- The sweltering humidity left us all exhausted.

6- The searing sun made the day unbearably hot.

7- He felt the blazing heat of the fire on his face.

8- The infernal furnace was burning all day.

9- I touched the red-hot metal and it burnt my hand.

10- We heard a loud explosion followed by brimstone.

11- He felt the fiery heat emanating from the flames.

12- The heatwave was unbearable, even in the shade.

13- The scorched earth crunched beneath my feet.

14- The incandescent lightbulb was too bright for comfort.

15- The sultry air was suffocating.

16- The molten lava slowly made its way down the mountain.

17- We could smell the smoldering embers of the campfire.

18- He stepped into the oven-like kitchen and started sweating instantly.

19- She felt like she was roasting in her own skin.

20- The torrefaction of the leaves made them snap when touched.

Synonyms of Hot

  1. Blazing
  2. Torrid
  3. Roasting
  4. Sweltering
  5. Scalding
  6. Searing
  7. Boiling
  8. Infernal
  9. Fiery
  10. Brimstone
  11. Blistering
  12. Incandescent
  13. Hemorrhaging
  14. Scorching
  15. Agonizing
  16. Sultry
  17. Volcanic
  18. Parched
  19. Stifling
  20. Sweltering

20 Adjectives for Hot Words To Describe Hot Adjectives of Hot in Example Sentences Synonyms of Hot

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