Adjectives for Important, Words to Describe Important

When it comes to describing something as important, there’s no one-size-fits-all adjective. Different adjectives can express different nuances of meaning that ultimately highlight the importance of whatever we’re talking about.

If you’re searching for the perfect word or phrase to emphasize how essential something is, our list of adjectives might help you out. From illuminating and significant to critical and irreplaceable, here are some descriptive terms that will capture the essence of what makes something truly indispensable.

Adjectives for Important

20 Adjectives for Important

1- Crucial

2- Critical

3- Urgent

4- Essential

5- Vital

6- Pivotal

7- Momentous

8- Decisive

9- Notable

10- Prominent

11- Grave

12- Significant

13– Substantial

14- Exigent

15- Imperative

16- Preeminent

17- Overriding

18- Necessary

19- Eminent

20- Requisite

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Words To Describe Important

1- Crucial: Vital to the success or failure of something

2- Critical: Of great importance, needing immediate attention

3- Urgent: Requiring quick action

4- Essential: Absolutely necessary; indispensable

5- Vital: Necessary for life or health; animate

6- Pivotal: Very important in relation to the development or success of something else

7- Momentous: Of great importance, significance, or consequence

8- Decisive: Bringing about or capable of bringing about a final settlement or resolution

9- Notable: Worthy of notice; significant

10- Prominent: Conspicuous; standing out from the rest

11- Grave: Serious and dignified; solemn

12- Significant: Having or expressing a meaning; important in effect or tendency

13– Substantial: Of real worth, value, or importance

14- Exigent: Demanding immediate attention or remedy; pressing

15- Imperative: Absolutely necessary; unavoidable

16- Preeminent: Outstanding; superior to others in importance or excellence

17- Overriding: Preemptory; beyond and above all other considerations

18- Necessary: Requiring no further proof or evidence

19- Eminent: Standing out from the rest; noteworthy

20- Requisite: Necessary for a particular purpose; essential.

Adjectives of Important in Example Sentences

1- This crucial decision has far-reaching consequences.

2- It was a critical moment in the game.

3- She had an urgent task to complete.

4- These essential supplies need to be restocked now.

5- His vital contributions helped lead them to success.

6- Making this pivotal choice was difficult but necessary.

7- The momentous occasion was celebrated with a parade.

8- His decisive actions saved the day.

9- She made a notable contribution to their research.

10- It was a prominent feature of the landscape.

11- That was a grave mistake on her part.

12- He made a significant donation to the charity.

13- She had a substantial amount of money saved up.

14- We must address this exigent issue now.

15- It is imperative that we find a solution soon.

16- His preeminent position in the company was well deserved.

17- The overriding priority is to maintain safety.

18- It’s necessary to make sure the job is done correctly.

19- His eminent reputation made him a sought-after speaker.

20- All the requisite tools are readily available.

Synonyms of Important

1- Essential

2- Vital

3- Crucial

4- Necessary

5- Imperative

6- Indispensable

7- Material

8- Relevant

9- Significance

10- Valuable

11- Pivotal

12- Primary

13- Exigent

14- Required

15- Necessitating

16- Mandatory

17- Needful

18- Critical

19- Preeminent

20- Required

20 Adjectives for Important Words To Describe Important Adjectives of Important in Example Sentences Synonyms of Important

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