Adjectives for Agreement, Words to Describe Agreement

Agreement is an invaluable tool in managing relationships, achieving consensus, and even getting things done. It enables us to come together as a team and share our thoughts, opinions, and experiences without feeling judged or overlooked.

But how do you get others to agree with your point of view? One way is by using powerful adjectives! In this blog post, we’ll explore the best adjectives for the agreement that can help make communication smoother when opinions start flying – whether it’s between individuals or entire teams.

By learning these terms and honing their usage, you can create a strong foundation for full-on agreement with those around you.

Adjectives for Agreement

20 Adjectives for Agreement

1- Approbative

2- Conformable

3- Consenting

4- Convinced

5- Deferential

6- Harmonious

7- Permissive

8- Resignation

9- Submissive

10- Tolerant

11- Unanimous

12- Wholehearted

13- Accepting

14- Agreeable

15- Assenting

16- Concurring

17- Content

18- Endorsing

19- Obedient

20- Satisfied

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Words to Describe Agreement

1- Approbative: expressing approval or admiration.

The two sides showed approbative attitudes toward the treaty.

2- Conformable: willing to comply; compliant.

He was conformable to his parent’s wishes.

3- Consenting: giving permission or agreeing without protest.

The board gave its consenting approval of the proposal.

4- Convinced: persuaded of the truth or value of something.

She became convinced of her decision after much deliberation.

5- Deferential: showing respect and politeness in one’s attitude

He adopted a deferential attitude when talking to his boss.

6- Harmonious: in agreement; in harmony.

Everyone was in harmonious agreement about the plan.

7- Permissive: allowing people to do as they please.

The teacher adopted a permissive approach to classroom management.

8- Resignated: resignedly accepting a situation or decision without protest.

She resignedly accepted the decision of the court.

9- Submissive: willing to obey someone else’s authority

He was submissive to his wife’s demands.

10- Tolerant: willing to accept opinions or behavior

She showed tolerant attitudes toward different cultures.

11- Unanimous: of one mind; in complete agreement.

The vote was unanimous in favor of the proposal.

12- Wholehearted: enthusiastic and complete in one’s commitment

She supported him with her wholehearted enthusiasm.

13- Accepting: taking, receiving, or admitting willingly.

He accepted his fate without complaint.

14- Agreeable: pleasant and acceptable.

We all agreed that it was an agreeable solution.

15- Assenting: expressing agreement or approval.

She assented to their request for help.

16- Concurring: showing that one agrees with a decision or opinion.

Everyone in the room concurred with his opinion.

17- Content: satisfied, at peace, and accepting of one’s circumstances.

She was content to stay at home for the evening.

18- Endorsing: supporting; approving.

He endorsed the candidate’s position on the issue.

19- Obedient: following or willing to follow orders or requests.

The children were obedient to their parents commands.

20- Satisfied: content; pleased with what one has or experiences.

We were all satisfied with the outcome of our efforts.

Synonyms for Agreement

1- Accord

2- Accordance

3- Concord

4- Consent

5- Compact

6- Covenant

7- Recognition

8- Acceptance

9- Conformity

10- Harmony

11- Subscription

12- Ratification

13- Endorsement

14- Sanction

15- Complying

16- Amity

Words to Describe Agreement

20 Adjectives for Agreement Words To Describe Agreement Adjectives of Agreement in Example Sentences Synonyms of Agreement

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