Adjectives for Anger, Words to Describe Anger

Anger is an emotion that many of us have experienced. It can be difficult to express how we really feel when anger has taken over, and sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough words to adequately describe it. There are however many different adjectives for anger that accurately express the intensity of this powerful emotion.

From calm annoyance, agitation, or outrage–words can give us a way to better understand our feelings in times of anger. In this blog post, we’ll look at various adjectives available to help you talk about your emotions more effectively!
Adjectives for Anger

20 Adjectives for Anger

1- Aggravated

2- Annoyed

3- Appalled

4- Bitter

5- Boiling

6- Furious

7- Glowering

8- Hostile

9- Impulsive

10- Indignant

11- Irate

12- Irritable

13- Outraged

14- Peeved

15- resentful

16- Riled Up

17- Seething

18- Sullen

19- Temperamental

20- Vexed

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Words to Describe Anger

1- Aggravated: Feeling annoyed, irritated, or made worse

2- Annoyed: irritation or exasperation

3- Appalled: shock and disgust towards an event or situation

4- Bitter: a feeling of being hurt, resentment

5- Boiling: feeling of intense anger

6- Furious: showing great anger and intensity

7- Glowering: an angry look or scowl

8- Hostile: aggression towards someone or something

9- Impulsive: acting in an uncontrolled manner out of anger

10- Indignant: the feeling of anger

11- Irate: the feeling of great anger

12- Irritable: feeling easily annoyed

13- Outraged: great anger caused by something morally wrong

14- Peeved: the feeling of displeasure or resentment

15- Resentful: having a feeling of ill will or indignation

16- Riled Up: becoming easily agitated, excited, or angry

17- Seething: feeling intense anger and resentment

18- Sullen: a feeling of gloom and bad temper

19- Temperamental: displaying sudden and extreme changes in mood

20- Vexed: the feeling of irritation or annoyance.

Anger Adjectives in Example Sentences

1- I felt aggravated by his thoughtless behavior.

2- His constant criticism was extremely annoying.

3- I was appalled at the unfairness of the situation.

4- She had a bitter expression on her face when she heard the news.

5- He was boiling with rage after hearing about the betrayal.

6- She became furious after hearing his cruel remarks.

7- He glowered at me with an angry expression.

8- His hostile attitude made the situation worse.

9- In a fit of impulse, he threw the book across the room.

10- I was indignant about her rude comments.

11- He was so irate that he slammed his fist on the table.

12- His irritable behavior made everyone uncomfortable.

13- I was outraged by their callous disregard for the victims.

14- She seemed peeved when I asked her to help.

15- He had a resentful look on his face when he saw the other team win.

16- Her voice was riled up as she shouted in anger.

17- She was seething with rage after hearing the news.

18- He had a sullen expression during the whole conversation.

19- His temperamental behavior made it hard to work with him.

20- I was vexed by his refusal to apologize.

Synonyms for Anger

1- Wrath

2- Fury

3- Outrage

4- Temper

5- Resentment

6- Irritation

7- Indignation

8- Hostility

9- Exasperation

10- Displeasure

11- Annoyance

12- Ire

13- Rancor

14- Rage

15- Bitterness

16- Vexation

17- Aggravation

18- Dander

19- Ferocity

20- Spleen

20 Adjectives for Anger Words To Describe Anger Adjectives of Anger in Example Sentences Synonyms of Anger

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