Adjectives for Beauty, Words to Describe Beauty

We all have an understanding of beauty and its power to move us. It can be found in nature, artwork, music, and other so many places! Beauty stirs something within us; it’s both a simple and complex emotion that is difficult to define but undeniably captivating. To gain insight into beauty’s essence, sometimes language isn’t enough as our perception of what defines beautiful varies from person to person.

That is why we have collected words describing beauty from around the world so you can expand your appreciation for this special emotion that leaves no one untouched. Get ready to explore how different cultures interpret this enduring idea in their native tongues!Adjectives for Beauty

20 Adjectives for Beauty

Angelic Exquisite Stunning
Gorgeous Splendid Lovely
Magnificent Charming Delightful
Alluring Elegant Graceful
Radiant Refined Delicate
Enchanting Divine Beautiful
Comely Fair

Words To Describe Beauty

1- Angelic: Reminiscent of an angel, with perfect beauty.

2- Exquisite: Perfection in design or composition.

3- Stunning: Impressive, breathtakingly beautiful.

4- Gorgeous: Exceptionally attractive, with perfect form.

5- Splendid: Showy, brilliantly beautiful.

6- Lovely: Charming, pleasant, and attractive.

7- Magnificent: Grandly beautiful or majestic.

8- Charming: Pleasing or delightful.

9- Delightful: Highly pleasing, joyful, and enjoyable.

10- Alluring: Attractive and inviting, tempting.

11- Elegant: Graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

12- Graceful: Smoothly flowing with ease and beauty.

13- Radiant: Glowing with a bright light or energy.

14- Refined: Cultivated, elegant, and polished in taste or appearance.

15- Delicate: Fragile, tender, and exquisite in beauty.

16- Enchanting: Captivatingly beautiful.

17- Divine: Heavenly or of perfect beauty.

18- Beautiful: Pleasing to the eye or senses.

19- Comely: Attractive and pleasant to look at.

20- Fair: Of pleasing appearance and proportionate form.

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Adjectives of Beauty in Example Sentences

1- She has an angelic face, with perfect beauty.

2- The intricate design of the palace was exquisite.

3- His stunning appearance left me speechless.

4- She looked gorgeous in her new dress.

5- The sunset was splendid and beautiful to behold.

6- Her lovely smile won him over.

7- The Taj Mahal is a magnificent building.

8- He had an incredibly charming personality.

9- It was delightful to be in her presence.

10- Her alluring eyes drew him in instantly.

11- She wore an elegant dress to the event.

12- She was graceful in her movements.

13- Her smile was radiant and captivating.

14- Her behavior was refined and proper.

15- She had a delicate beauty that could not be denied.

16- The forest was enchanting and peaceful.

17- His voice had a divine quality to it.

18- She was absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown.

19- He had a comely face that made people take notice.

20- She had fair skin and delicate features.

Synonyms of Beauty

1- Splendor

2- Charm

3- Loveliness

4- Magnificence

5- Gracefulness

6- Grandeur

7- Elegance

8- Allurement

9- Radiance

10- Attraction

11- Loveliness

12- Enchantment

13- Comeliness

14- Brilliance

15- Handsomeness

16- Prettiness

17- Glamour

18- Appeal

19- Majesties

20- Splendor

20 Adjectives for Beauty Words To Describe Beauty Adjectives of Beauty in Example Sentences Synonyms of Beauty

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