Adjectives for Big, Words to Describe Big

When it comes to describing something that is ‘big’, words alone can fail to do justice. Despite this, however, we are still often forced to turn to language in order to explain the enormity of certain situations or objects. From really big animals or buildings to ideas that have a significant impact on our lives – understanding and conveying what makes them ‘big’ is an important part of communicating their importance.

So whether you’re trying to come up with words that carry the gravity of a massive mountain range or find phrases suitable for talking about life-changing concepts, read on for some tips and suggestions!Adjectives for Big

20 Adjectives for Big

Vast Huge Enormous
Gigantic Grand Gargantuan
Colossal Immense Substantial
Brobdingnagian Monumental Extensive
Tremendous Stupendous Massive
Bounteous Sublime Prodigious
Staggering Monumental

Words To Describe Big

1- Vast: having a great size, quantity, or extent

The vast expanse of mountains stretched for miles.

2- Huge: very large in size, amount, degree, or intensity

The house was huge, with three stories and large windows.

3- Enormous: extremely large

She wore an enormous hat adorned with flowers.

4- Gigantic: of exceptionally great size or extent

He had a gigantean appetite, eating twice as much as anyone else.

5- Grand: impressive or formidable due to impressiveness

Her grand entrance made quite the impression.

6- Gargantuan: huge in proportions

The treehouse was gargantuan, towering over the rest of the garden.

7- Colossal: extremely large and impressive

People stopped to look at the colossal structure.

8- Immense: very great in size, amount, degree, or intensity

It was an immense pleasure to witness her success.

9- Substantial: of considerable importance, size, or worth

He had a substantial amount of money saved in the bank.

10- Brobdingnagian: extraordinarily large

The size of his home was Brobdingnagian.

11- Monumental: very large and imposing

The building had a monumental impact on the skyline.

12- Extensive: of great range or scope

We explored an extensive network of caves.

13- Tremendous: very large

She completed the task in a tremendous amount of time.

14- Stupendous: very impressive

It cost a stupendous amount to restore the car.

15- Massive: of great size, extent, or quantity

The box was massive, requiring two people to move it.

16- Bounteous: generous in the amount

It was a bounteous offering of food.

17- Sublime: awe-inspiringly grand, magnificent, or impressive

The view of the lake was sublime.

18- Prodigious: extraordinary in size, amount, or degree

His achievements were prodigious.

19- Staggering: so great as to be almost unbelievable

Her progress in math was staggering.

20- Monumental: of great significance or importance.

His contribution to the project was monumental.

Synonyms of Big

1- Huge

2- Enormous

3- Gargantuan

4- Colossal

5- Immense

6- Vast

7- Mammoth

8- Brobdingnagian

9- Monumental

10- Gigantic

11- Stupendous

12- Towering

13- Prodigious

14- Elephantine

15- Humongous

16- Grandiose

17- Substantial

18- Extended

19- Extensive

20- Excessive

Words To Describe Big

20 Adjectives for Big Words To Describe Big Adjectives of Big in Example Sentences Synonyms of Big

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