Adjectives for Comparison, Words to Describe Comparison

Comparing two or more things can be a challenging and difficult task for many. However, armed with the right knowledge and words to express yourself, it becomes much simpler and more enjoyable. With this blog post, we’ll explore different adjectives of comparison so you can better articulate your thoughts when contrasting ideas or objects.

Whether comparing physical traits such as size or color, full objects like cars or houses, or abstract concepts such as justice, love, and loyalty; learning the correct means to compare them all is essential. Take a look at what’s ahead in this post on comparative adjectives!

20 Adjectives for Comparison

1- Analogous

2- Contrast

3- Congruent

4- Contrasting

5- Corresponding

6- Divergent

7- Dualistic

8- Equivalent

9- Incompatible

10- Opposing

11- Paralleled

12- Proportional

13- Reciprocal

14- Similar

15- Uniform

16- Unrelated

17- Unequal

18- Variant

19- Varying

20- Parallelism

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Words to Describe Comparison

1- Analogous: having a similar function or characteristics

The two paintings have an analogous color palette.

2- Contrast: a difference in character or opinion

There is a stark contrast between the two styles of music.

3- Congruent: similar in form, shape, or size

The shapes are congruent, but the colors are different.

4- Contrasting: having opposite qualities

The contrasting stories demonstrate how diverse people can be.

5- Corresponding: alike in every essential detail

We found corresponding errors in both accounts.

6- Divergent: moving away from each other

The theories have a divergent approaches to the problem.

7- Dualistic: having two different aspects

This dualistic concept is both simple and complex at the same time.

8- Equivalent: equal in value or measure

His salary is equivalent to mine.

9- Incompatible: unable to exist together

Their beliefs are incompatible with each other.

10- Opposing: differing in nature, direction, or purpose

We took opposing views on the issue.

11- Paralleled: side by side and having the same distance apart

The results were paralleled in both experiments.

12- Proportional: relative quantity; amount

The numbers had a proportional relationship.

13- Reciprocal: opposite and mutually dependent

We established a reciprocal agreement with our client.

14- Similar: having some qualities in common

The two theories have some similar elements.

15- Uniform: having the same form or structure

They all wore uniforms for the event.

16- Unrelated: not connected; dissimilar

These events are completely unrelated to each other.

17- Unequal: not equal in size, number, or degree

The results were unequal, indicating a bias.

18- Variant: different; varied

There are many variants of the same story.

19- Varying: changing

His responses varied depending on the situation.

20- Parallelism: the quality of being equal or similar in amount, degree, or value.

This is an example of parallelism in language.

Words to Describe Comparison

Adjectives for Comparison

20 Adjectives for Comparison Words To Describe Comparison Adjectives for Comparison in Example Sentences

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