Top 30 Adjectives for Compliments (Negative & Positive Words)

Compliments are a fantastic way to uplift and appreciate someone. However, the words we choose can determine the effect of the compliment. Discover adjectives that describe these affirmations effectively.

Description of Compliments

Compliments are expressions of admiration, approval, or gratitude directed towards someone or something.

Words to Describe Compliments

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Compliments:

  1. Genuine
  2. Flattering
  3. Sincere
  4. Heartfelt
  5. Warm
  6. Superficial
  7. Enthusiastic
  8. Inauthentic
  9. Gracious
  10. Sarcastic
  11. Kind
  12. Hollow
  13. Admirable
  14. Insincere
  15. Affectionate
  16. Backhanded
  17. Generous
  18. Forced
  19. Appreciative
  20. Clichéd
  21. Respectful
  22. Contrived
  23. Encouraging
  24. Disingenuous
  25. Thoughtful
  26. Fake
  27. Supportive
  28. Patronizing
  29. Glowing
  30. Bland

Positive Words to Describe Compliments

  1. Genuine
  2. Sincere
  3. Heartfelt
  4. Warm
  5. Enthusiastic
  6. Gracious
  7. Kind
  8. Admirable
  9. Appreciative
  10. Respectful

Negative Words to Describe Compliments

  1. Superficial
  2. Inauthentic
  3. Sarcastic
  4. Hollow
  5. Insincere
  6. Backhanded
  7. Forced
  8. Clichéd
  9. Contrived
  10. Patronizing

Adjectives for Compliments (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Truly sincere.
  • Sentence: Your compliment felt very genuine.


  • Meaning: Pleasing or gratifying.
  • Sentence: Her words were quite flattering.


  • Meaning: Deeply sincere.
  • Sentence: His appreciation was truly heartfelt.


  • Meaning: Friendly or affectionate.
  • Sentence: Her words had a warm tone.


  • Meaning: Not genuine or sincere.
  • Sentence: His praise was sadly superficial.


  • Meaning: Full of zeal.
  • Sentence: I loved her enthusiastic praise.


  • Meaning: Kind and courteous.
  • Sentence: The remarks were so gracious.


  • Meaning: Mocking or ironic.
  • Sentence: The comment was sadly sarcastic.


  • Meaning: Worthy of esteem.
  • Sentence: Your work is truly admirable.


  • Meaning: Lacking sincerity.
  • Sentence: The accolade felt quite hollow.

Other Words to Describe Compliments

Words to Describe Compliments and Praise

  1. Laudatory
  2. Raving
  3. Acclaiming
  4. Endorsing
  5. Celebratory
  6. Applauding
  7. Exalting
  8. Honoring
  9. Eulogistic
  10. Boosting

Words to Describe Compliments for Looks

  1. Ravishing
  2. Alluring
  3. Dazzling
  4. Stunning
  5. Captivating
  6. Gorgeous
  7. Mesmerizing
  8. Radiant
  9. Lovely
  10. Fetching

Words to Describe Compliments for Good Work

  1. Stellar
  2. Outstanding
  3. Exceptional
  4. Superior
  5. Noteworthy
  6. Admirable
  7. Impressive
  8. Remarkable
  9. Unparalleled
  10. Praiseworthy

Words to Describe Compliment Looks

  1. Elegant
  2. Charming
  3. Statuesque
  4. Fetching
  5. Divine
  6. Exquisite
  7. Breathtaking
  8. Stylish
  9. Handsome
  10. Ethereal

How to Describe Compliments in Writing?

In writing, compliments should be described with clarity and precision to ensure the message is conveyed sincerely. Begin by setting the context. Are you complimenting someone’s effort, appearance, or innate qualities? Establish the basis for your compliment to ensure its legitimacy.

Using vivid adjectives can enhance the effect of a compliment. A simple “good job” might seem bland, while “stellar performance” has more depth and vibrancy. However, always ensure your words mirror your genuine feelings; empty praises can feel inauthentic.

Lastly, focus on the receiver’s feelings. Compliments are meant to uplift and motivate. By portraying genuine appreciation and avoiding over-exaggeration, your words can have a positive impact. Remember, authenticity is key; it’s the heartfelt and sincere compliments that leave a lasting impression.

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