Top 30 Adjectives for Conquest (Negative & Positive Words)

Conquest often evokes images of triumphs and defeats, of powerful rulers and empires expanding their territories. Whether viewed positively or negatively, adjectives help paint the intricate picture of this complex endeavor.

Description of Conquest

Conquest refers to the act of acquiring control over a place or people, often through force, military dominance, or other means.

Words to Describe Conquest

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Conquest:

  1. Victorious
  2. Brutal
  3. Historic
  4. Domineering
  5. Expansive
  6. Ruthless
  7. Glorious
  8. Strategic
  9. Imperial
  10. Forceful
  11. Totalitarian
  12. Proud
  13. Relentless
  14. Triumphal
  15. Decisive
  16. Aggressive
  17. Swift
  18. Militaristic
  19. Dominant
  20. Complete
  21. Pioneering
  22. Invasive
  23. Overpowering
  24. Opportunistic
  25. Noble
  26. Grasping
  27. Grand
  28. Heroic
  29. Destructive
  30. Annexing

Positive Words to Describe Conquest

  1. Victorious
  2. Historic
  3. Glorious
  4. Strategic
  5. Triumphal
  6. Decisive
  7. Pioneering
  8. Noble
  9. Grand
  10. Heroic

Negative Words to Describe Conquest

  1. Brutal
  2. Domineering
  3. Ruthless
  4. Totalitarian
  5. Aggressive
  6. Invasive
  7. Overpowering
  8. Grasping
  9. Destructive
  10. Annexing

Adjectives for Conquest (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Having won a victory.
  • Sentence: The army emerged victorious.


  • Meaning: Excessively cruel.
  • Sentence: The conquest was notably brutal.


  • Meaning: Famous in history.
  • Sentence: This was a truly historic conquest.


  • Meaning: Asserting control.
  • Sentence: The ruler’s domineering tactics were evident.


  • Meaning: Admirable or praiseworthy.
  • Sentence: It was a glorious achievement for them.


  • Meaning: Planned with a purpose.
  • Sentence: The strategic locations were targeted first.


  • Meaning: Without compassion.
  • Sentence: The king was utterly ruthless.


  • Meaning: Marking a victory.
  • Sentence: The triumphal march celebrated their success.


  • Meaning: Settling an issue.
  • Sentence: It was a decisive victory indeed.


  • Meaning: Forcefully hostile.
  • Sentence: Their aggressive approach was intimidating.

Other Words to Describe Conquest

Words to Describe Admitting Defeat

  1. Submissive
  2. Yielding
  3. Acquiescent
  4. Resigned
  5. Conceding
  6. Unresisting
  7. Succumbing
  8. Capitulating
  9. Bowing
  10. Relinquishing

Words to Describe Overcome

  1. Vanquished
  2. Bested
  3. Surmounted
  4. Topped
  5. Outdone
  6. Outpaced
  7. Outstripped
  8. Prevailed
  9. Overshadowed
  10. Overthrown

How to Describe Conquest in Writing?

When describing conquest in writing, it’s vital to depict the complex interplay of power, strategy, and emotions. Delve deep into the motivations behind the conquest – was it for power, wealth, territory, or perhaps to propagate an ideology?

Illustrate the aftermath of the conquest. Did the conquerors bring prosperity or decimation? Did they assimilate with the conquered or oppress them? It’s these intricate details and the human stories intertwined within that bring depth to the narrative.

Also, it’s essential to be balanced. While conquests might have winners and losers, remember that every story has multiple perspectives. Describing conquest from various viewpoints adds richness and diversity to your writing, allowing readers to understand the multi-faceted nature of conquests throughout history.

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