Adjectives for Dark, Words to Describe Dark

When light fades away and darkness takes over, how do you describe it? Is it mysterious or spooky? Does it make your skin crawl or give you comfort? Dark has many connotations and colours our world in various ways.

Everyone experiences darkness differently which makes describing dark an interesting task. To help navigate some of the feelings associated with the deep shades of night, here’s a comprehensive list of adjectives to use when describing dark.

Adjectives for Dark

20 Adjectives for Dark

1- Ebony

2- Dim

3- Stygian

4- Pitchy

5- Gloomy

6- Waning

7- Sable

8- Inky

9- Clouded

10- Dreary

11- Shadowy

12- Obscure

13- Tenebrous

14- Sunset

15- Dusk

16- Dusky

17- Pitch

18- Shades

19- Murky

20- Midnight

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Words To Describe Dark


Meaning: Dark and depressing in appearance or atmosphere.

Example: The room had a gloomy atmosphere with dim lighting.


Meaning: Dark and unclear, often with sediment or cloudiness.

Example: The murky water made it impossible to see below.


Meaning: Full of shadows; dark and mysterious.

Example: He walked down the shadowy alley, feeling uneasy.


Meaning: Not clearly seen or understood; darkened.

Example: His intentions remained obscure throughout the conversation.


Meaning: Lacking brightness; obscure in perception.

Example: The dim light barely illuminated the room.


Meaning: Somewhat dark in a way that is often mysterious or attractive.

Example: They arrived home at dusk, greeted by dusky skies.


Meaning: Dull, bleak, and lifeless; dark and depressing.

Example: The dreary weather matched her somber mood.


Meaning: Protected from direct light; partially darkened.

Example: They enjoyed lunch in the shaded corner of the garden.


Meaning: Completely dark; without any light.

Example: The cellar was pitch-black, impossible to navigate.


Meaning: Covered with shadow; darkened.

Example: Her face was shadowed, hiding her expression.


Meaning: Darkened by burning or charring.

Example: The walls were blackened by the fire’s heat.


Meaning: Hidden from view; darkened by an eclipse.

Example: The moon was eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow.


Meaning: Relating to or resembling twilight; dim or indistinct.

Example: Crepuscular animals emerge during the twilight hours.


Meaning: Extremely dark, gloomy, or forbidding.

Example: The cave’s entrance led into a stygian abyss.


Meaning: Dark and gloomy; obscure and murky.

Example: The tenebrous forest was shrouded in mist.


Meaning: Relating to a shadow or darkness; overshadowed.

Example: The room lay in the umbral depths of the castle.


Meaning: Very dark or gloomy; relating to the underworld.

Example: The cimmerian depths of the cave were unsettling.


Meaning: Extremely hungry; famished or voracious.

Example: After the hike, they were ravenous and devoured their meal.


Meaning: Not transparent; not allowing light to pass through.

Example: The windows were opaque, blocking any view outside.


Meaning: The onset of darkness at the end of the day.

Example: They set up camp at nightfall, under a starry sky.

Synonyms of Dark

1- Obscure

2- Gloomy

3- Dim

4- Misty

5- Dreary

6- Murky

7- Somber

8- Dismal

9- Shadowy

10- Tenebrous

11- Blackened

12- Inky

13- Frowning

14- Glowering

15- Caliginous

16- Blackish

17- Pitched

18- Ominous

19- Stygian

20- Tunneled

Words To Describe Dark

20 Adjectives for Dark Words To Describe Dark Adjectives of Dark in Example Sentences Synonyms of Dark

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