Adjectives for Dark, Words to Describe Dark

When light fades away and darkness takes over, how do you describe it? Is it mysterious or spooky? Does it make your skin crawl or give you comfort? Dark has many connotations and colours our world in various ways.

Everyone experiences darkness differently which makes describing dark an interesting task. To help navigate some of the feelings associated with the deep shades of night, here’s a comprehensive list of adjectives to use when describing dark.

Adjectives for Dark

20 Adjectives for Dark

1- Ebony

2- Dim

3- Stygian

4- Pitchy

5- Gloomy

6- Waning

7- Sable

8- Inky

9- Clouded

10- Dreary

11- Shadowy

12- Obscure

13- Tenebrous

14- Sunset

15- Dusk

16- Dusky

17- Pitch

18- Shades

19- Murky

20- Midnight

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Words To Describe Dark

1- Ebony: Very dark, like the colour of polished ebony.

2- Dim: Not bright or intense; faint.

3- Stygian: Extremely dark and gloomy.

4- Pitchy: Completely black, without any light at all.

5- Gloomy: Sombre and depressing.

6- Waning: Getting darker, fading out of sight.

7- Sable: Black or very dark in colour.

8- Inky: Jet black in colour or texture.

9- Clouded: Obscured by clouds; darkened.

10- Dreary: Sad and depressing; without hope.

11- Shadowy: Dark and mysterious; indistinctly seen.

12- Obscure: Not easily understood or perceived; dim and faint.

13- Tenebrous: Very dark, shadowy, and vague.

14- Sunset: A period of darkness preceding sunrise.

15- Dusk: A gradual darkening of the evening sky.

16- Dusky: Somewhat gloomy, shadowy and indistinct; nearly black.

17- Pitch: Completely dark or black in colour.

18- Shades: Areas of darkness created by blocking out light.

19- Murky: Gloomy, dark, and muddy.

20- Midnight: The darkest time of night.

Adjectives of Dark in Example Sentences

1- His eyes were ebony pools of darkness.

2- The room was dimly lit with a single candle.

3- Her mood was stygian, like the bottomless depths of an ocean.

4- I stumbled through the pitchy night in search of my lost keys.

5- He felt gloomy and foreboding in the waning light.

6- She dressed herself in sable robes for her wedding day.

7- The horizon was streaked with inky clouds.

8- His thoughts were clouded by fear and pain.

9- The streets were dreary and deserted at night.

10- The shadows were dark and mysterious.

11- The truth was obscure and difficult to discover.

12- Tenebrous mists cloaked the cemetery in darkness.

13- I watched as the sun slowly set on the horizon.

14- Dusk had fallen, but I could still make out her silhouette.

15- The walls were a dull dusky grey.

16- Beyond the pitch darkness, I sensed something lurking.

17- We both hid in the shades of our own thoughts.

18- The stagnant pool was murky and foul smelling.

19- Midnight will come soon, so we must hurry with our plans.

20- Even in the dark, his voice had a warmth that was comforting.

Synonyms of Dark

1- Obscure

2- Gloomy

3- Dim

4- Misty

5- Dreary

6- Murky

7- Somber

8- Dismal

9- Shadowy

10- Tenebrous

11- Blackened

12- Inky

13- Frowning

14- Glowering

15- Caliginous

16- Blackish

17- Pitched

18- Ominous

19- Stygian

20- Tunneled

20 Adjectives for Dark Words To Describe Dark Adjectives of Dark in Example Sentences Synonyms of Dark

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