Top 30 Adjectives for Eighties (Negative & Positive Words)

The eighties a decade remembered for their unique style, music, and vibes. Adjectives we use reflect the era’s characteristics, encapsulating both its charm and its quirks.

Description of Eighties

The eighties were a vibrant decade marked by bold fashion, iconic music, technological innovations, and distinct cultural shifts.

Words to Describe Eighties

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Eighties:

  1. Retro
  2. Flashy
  3. Synthesized
  4. Exuberant
  5. Neon
  6. Analog
  7. Eccentric
  8. Tubular
  9. Digital
  10. Radical
  11. Teased
  12. Booming
  13. Legwarmer-clad
  14. Pop
  15. Cassette-driven
  16. VHS-aged
  17. Glam
  18. Chunky
  19. Mulleted
  20. Spandex-filled
  21. Whimsical
  22. Pastel
  23. High-top
  24. Shoulder-padded
  25. Rebellious
  26. New-wave
  27. Hair-sprayed
  28. Acid-washed
  29. Nostalgic
  30. Transitionary

Positive Words to Describe Eighties

  1. Retro
  2. Exuberant
  3. Neon
  4. Radical
  5. Pop
  6. Glam
  7. Whimsical
  8. Pastel
  9. Rebellious
  10. New-wave

Negative Words to Describe Eighties

  1. Flashy
  2. Eccentric
  3. Analog
  4. Teased
  5. Mulleted
  6. Chunky
  7. Hair-sprayed
  8. Acid-washed
  9. Cassette-driven
  10. VHS-aged

Adjectives for Eighties (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Characteristic of a past era
  • Sentence: The diner had a retro eighties feel.


  • Meaning: Bright and showy
  • Sentence: The outfits were quite flashy back then.


  • Meaning: Artificially produced
  • Sentence: The song had a synthesized beat to it.


  • Meaning: Full of energy
  • Sentence: The dance style was very exuberant.


  • Meaning: Bright fluorescent color
  • Sentence: Neon colors dominated the fashion scene.


  • Meaning: Not digital, old-tech
  • Sentence: They listened to analog records often.


  • Meaning: Unconventional, quirky
  • Sentence: His outfit was rather eccentric.


  • Meaning: Excellent, rad
  • Sentence: The surf culture was totally tubular.


  • Meaning: Electronic tech
  • Sentence: The eighties saw a digital revolution.


  • Meaning: Excellent, cool
  • Sentence: That skateboard trick was radical.

Other Words to Describe Eighties

Words to Describe Eighties Fashion

  1. Oversized
  2. Glitzy
  3. Fringed
  4. Lace-adorned
  5. Meshed
  6. Metallic
  7. Belted
  8. Sequined
  9. Off-shoulder
  10. Ruffled

Words to Describe Eighties Music

  1. Catchy
  2. Groovy
  3. Electric
  4. Danceable
  5. Power-ballad
  6. Funky
  7. Synth-heavy
  8. Melodic
  9. Foot-tapping
  10. Disco-infused

Fashion Words to Describe 80s

  1. Punk
  2. Rocker-chic
  3. Aerobic-ready
  4. Hip-hop-inspired
  5. Preppy
  6. Grungy
  7. Rockabilly
  8. Graphic
  9. Slogan-tee
  10. Thrifty

Funny Words to Describe 80s

  1. Walkman-wearing
  2. Rubik’s-crazy
  3. Mixtape-making
  4. Moonwalk-dancing
  5. Boombox-blasting
  6. Hair-band-loving
  7. Jelly-shoe-stepping
  8. Pac-man-playing
  9. Slap-bracelet-snapping
  10. Perm-loving

How to Describe Eighties in Writing?

The eighties, in essence, were an explosion of color, sound, and style. It was a decade where fashion dared to be bolder, with neon colors, shoulder pads, and chunky jewelry making waves. Accessories were larger than life, from oversized earrings to high-top sneakers. Music was no less transformative. It was a melting pot of genres, with the rise of pop icons, the allure of rock bands, and the rhythm of hip-hop making it a dance decade.

Yet, beyond the music and fashion, the eighties were also about cultural shifts. It was the age of VHS tapes, the early days of video games, and the initial wave of the digital revolution. It was a time of transition, with traditional meeting the new, offering a blend that was both nostalgic and forward-looking.

In portraying the eighties, capturing its heart and soul requires diving deep into its cultural, musical, and fashion depths. It’s about channeling the exuberance, the experimentation, and the unapologetic boldness that made the decade truly iconic.

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