Adjectives for Fast, Words to Describe Fast

Do you ever find yourself searching for the perfect, precise words to perfectly capture how fast something is moving? There are many adjectives we can use to describe speed that are suitable for all kinds of situations. From lightning-quick to sluggish, and frenetic to lazy, mastering the power of these descriptive words puts us in a better position when it comes time to communicate!

Read on below as we explore some popular adjectives used to describe fast degrees of speed.

Adjectives for Fast

20 Adjectives for Fast

1- Nimble

2- Quick

3- Speedy

4- Fleet

5- Expeditious

6- Accelerated

7- Swift

8- Prompt

9- Agile

10- Brisk

11- Alert

12- Darting

13- Flying

14- Hasty

15- Lightning

16- Nimble footed

17- Rapid

18- Running

19- Sprightly

20- Winged

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Words To Describe Fast

1- Nimble: able to move quickly and easily

2- Quick: moving or capable of moving with great speed

3- Speedy: done, happening, or occurring quickly

4- Fleet: fast in movement; swift

5- Expeditious: done with speed and efficiency

6- Accelerated: increased in rate or amount

7- Swift: moving quickly and lightly

8- Prompt: done or acting without delay

9- Agile: able to move quickly and easily

10- Brisk: quick and energetic

11- Alert: watchful and prompt to meet danger or emergency

12- Darting: moving suddenly and swiftly in a given direction

13- Flying: moving quickly through the air

14- Hasty: done with excessive speed or haste

15- Lightning: very fast; instantaneous

16- Nimble footed: able to move quickly and easily on one’s feet

17- Rapid: occurring within a short time or at great speed

18- Running: acting or able to act quickly

19- Sprightly: lively and full of energy

20- Winged: having wings; able to fly swiftly.

Adjectives of Fast in Example Sentences

1- He is a nimble runner.

2- She had quick reflexes.

3- The rabbit was speedy when it ran away from the fox.

4- The fleet antelope outran its predators.

5- His decision making was expeditious.

6- The car accelerated quickly down the street.

7- The storm moved with a swift force.

8- She was prompt to respond to the call.

9- He is an agile dancer.

10- His thought process was brisk and efficient.

11- The soldiers guarded alertly at their post.

12- The hummingbird flew in darting movements.

13- The eagle flew quickly through the sky.

14- We must not make any hasty decisions.

15- His reflexes were lightning fast.

16- His nimble feet kept him out of danger.

17- They climbed up the mountain with rapid speed.

18- The ambulance rushed running to the hospital.

19- The children played in a sprightly manner.

20- The birds flew with wings of power and grace.

Synonyms of Fast

1- Swift

2- Quick

3- Nimble

4- Speedy

5- Expeditious

6- Prompt

7- Vivid

8- Hasty

9- Breakneck

10- Rapid

11- Accelerated

12- Blinding

13- Fleet

14- Foremost

15- Promptly

16- Rapidly

17- Swiftly

18- Instantaneous

19- Aerodynamic

20- Agile

20 Adjectives for Fast Words To Describe Fast Adjectives of Fast in Example Sentences Synonyms of Fast

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