Adjectives for Feelings, Words to Describe Feelings

Emotions are an essential part of being human and we all experience them in some form or another. We may not always be able to express our feelings adequately with words, but there are many adjectives that can help us do just that! From feeling elated to frustrated, excited to melancholy, these descriptive words allow us to better communicate how exactly we’re feeling at the moment.

Moreover, using appropriate language is one way of conveying respect for those around you – whether they’re family members, friends or work colleagues. Read on and explore a list of emotional words sure to effectively describe your current state of mind!

Adjectives for Feelings

20 Adjectives for Feelings

1- Joyful

2- Excited

3- Amazed

4- Confident

5- Jubilant

6- Blissful

7- Triumphant

8- Content

9- Serene

10- Motivated

11- Relieved

12- Energetic

13- Optimistic

14- Fulfilled

15- Grateful

16- Peaceful

17- Elated

18- Lively

19- Cheerful

20- Ecstatic

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Words To Describe Feelings


Meaning:  Strong or deeply felt

Example: He had intense feelings of love for her.


Meaning:  Very strong in effect or force

Example: The news left her with overwhelming feelings of sadness.


Meaning:  Having or showing various emotions simultaneously

Example: She had mixed feelings about leaving her hometown.


Meaning:  Profound or intense in feeling

Example: He had deep feelings of gratitude towards his mentor.


Meaning:  Relating to or characterized by intense feelings

Example: She had an emotional response to the movie.


Meaning:  Having mixed or opposing feelings

Example: He was conflicted about whether to accept the job offer.


Meaning:  Having great influence or effect

Example: The speech had a powerful effect on the audience’s feelings.


Meaning:  Characterized by conflict, disorder, or confusion

Example: Her feelings were turbulent after the argument.


Meaning:  Strong and intense in its natural state

Example: She was left with raw feelings of grief after the loss.


Meaning:  Made up of many interconnected parts; intricate

Example: Her feelings towards him were complex and hard to explain.


Meaning:  Pleasure mixed with sadness or regret

Example: The graduation was a bittersweet moment for her.


Meaning:  Having deep insight or understanding

Example: The experience left her with a profound sense of awe.


Meaning:  Clear and detailed in perception or expression

Example: The memory of the accident was still vivid in her mind.


Meaning:  Sincere and true; not fake or artificial

Example: His feelings for her were genuine and heartfelt.


Meaning:  Extremely strong or intense

Example: The smell of flowers was overpowering, evoking memories of childhood.


Meaning:  Arousing curiosity or interest

Example: His feelings towards the mystery woman were intriguing.


Meaning:  Having or showing great knowledge or insight

Example: She had a profound understanding of human nature.


Meaning:  So great as to render resistance or opposition useless

Example: The feeling of loneliness was overwhelming.


Meaning:  Involving many different and confusing aspects

Example: Their relationship was complicated, filled with mixed emotions.


Meaning:  A sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time, or situation

Example: The old photographs filled her with nostalgic feelings for her childhood.

Synonyms of Feelings

1- Sentiment

2- Elation

3- Cheerfulness

4- Euphoria

5- Joy

6- Craving

7- Affection

8- Love

9- Appreciation

10- Regret

11- Remorse

12- Disappointment

13- Fear

14- Dread

15- Anxiety

16- Envy

17- Anger

18- Disdain

19- Distress

20- Despair

Words to Describe Feelings

20 Adjectives for Feelings Words To Describe Feelings Adjectives of Feelings in Example Sentences Synonyms of Feelings

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