Top 30 Adjectives for Fortune (Negative & Positive Words)

Fortunes can change in a heartbeat, and they carry with them various emotions and perceptions. When we talk about fortune, a range of adjectives can be used to describe its nature and influence on our lives.

Description of Fortune

Fortune refers to luck, often linked to wealth or success, but can also signify destiny or a turn of events in one’s life.

Words to Describe Fortune

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Fortune:

  1. Lucky
  2. Prosperous
  3. Grim
  4. Fate
  5. Serendipitous
  6. Unlucky
  7. Inauspicious
  8. Bleak
  9. Favored
  10. Cursed
  11. Blest
  12. Foreordained
  13. Ominous
  14. Chance
  15. Preordained
  16. Bountiful
  17. Affluent
  18. Hapless
  19. Fortuitous
  20. Doomed
  21. Destined
  22. Providential
  23. Adverse
  24. Charmed
  25. Fateful
  26. Wretched
  27. Flourishing
  28. Dismal
  29. Opulent
  30. Propitious

1. Lucky

Meaning: Having good fortune

Example: She was lucky to win the jackpot.

2. Wealthy

Meaning: Having a lot of money

Example: The wealthy businessman donated generously to charity.

3. Prosperous

Meaning: Successful and flourishing

Example: A prosperous career made him financially secure.

4. Rich

Meaning: Possessing great wealth

Example: The rich merchant owned several mansions.

5. Affluent

Meaning: Abundant in wealth

Example: The affluent family traveled in luxury.

6. Opulent

Meaning: Extravagant and luxurious

Example: The opulent palace dazzled visitors with its splendor.

7. Abundant

Meaning: Plentiful in quantit

Example: The abundant resources ensured long-term prosperity.

8. Beneficial

Meaning: Producing favorable results

Example: Her beneficial investments grew over time.

9. Serendipitous

Meaning: By chance, unexpected luck

Example: The serendipitous encounter led to a new job.

10. Favorable

Meaning: Resulting in positive outcomes

Example: The favorable conditions helped the crops grow.

11. Promising

Meaning: Showing potential for success

Example: The promising investment returned significant profits.

12. Fortuitous

Meaning: Happening by good chance

Example: The fortuitous discovery changed their fortune overnight.

13. Golden

Meaning: Highly valued or prosperous

Example: The golden age brought immense wealth to the nation.

14. Opportune

Meaning: Timely and advantageous

Example: The opportune moment ensured the deal went through.

15. Auspicious

Meaning: Indicating future success

Example: The auspicious signs predicted a bright future.

16. Favorable

Meaning: Leading to positive outcomes

Example: The favorable conditions ensured successful investments.

17. Thriving

Meaning: Growing and prospering

Example: His thriving business expanded into new markets.

18. Gracious

Meaning: Kind and giving

Example: The gracious philanthropist donated his fortune to charity.

19. Prominent

Meaning: Well-known and respected

Example: The prominent investor was widely trusted.

20. Rewarding

Meaning: Giving satisfying results

Example: Her rewarding career led to financial stability.

Words to Describe Fortune

Positive Words to Describe Fortune

  1. Lucky
  2. Prosperous
  3. Serendipitous
  4. Favored
  5. Blest
  6. Bountiful
  7. Fortuitous
  8. Providential
  9. Charmed
  10. Flourishing

Negative Words to Describe Fortune

  1. Grim
  2. Unlucky
  3. Inauspicious
  4. Bleak
  5. Cursed
  6. Ominous
  7. Hapless
  8. Doomed
  9. Adverse
  10. Wretched

Adjectives for Fortune (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Having good luck
  • Sentence: She felt lucky to win the lottery.


  • Meaning: Successful and wealthy
  • Sentence: He led a prosperous life.


  • Meaning: Occurring by chance
  • Sentence: Their meeting was serendipitous.


  • Meaning: Having bad luck
  • Sentence: He’s always been unlucky in love.


  • Meaning: Preferred or liked
  • Sentence: The favored team won the match.


  • Meaning: Afflicted or unlucky
  • Sentence: He felt he was cursed with bad luck.


  • Meaning: Abundant; plentiful
  • Sentence: The harvest was bountiful this year.


  • Meaning: Unfortunate or unlucky
  • Sentence: He’s a hapless romantic.


  • Meaning: Happening by accident
  • Sentence: The discovery was fortuitous.


  • Meaning: Likely to fail
  • Sentence: The project was doomed from the start.

Other Words to Describe Fortune

Words to Describe Fortune Teller

  1. Mystic
  2. Enigmatic
  3. Cryptic
  4. Clairvoyant
  5. Mysterious
  6. Prophetic
  7. Esoteric
  8. Magical
  9. Visionary
  10. Divining

Words to Describe Less Fortune

  1. Meager
  2. Scant
  3. Limited
  4. Paltry
  5. Sparse
  6. Insufficient
  7. Nominal
  8. Minimal
  9. Trivial
  10. Skimpy

Words to Describe Bad Fortune

  1. Unfortunate
  2. Disastrous
  3. Unfavorable
  4. Ill-fated
  5. Disheartening
  6. Regrettable
  7. Tragic
  8. Detrimental
  9. Adversarial
  10. Catastrophic

Words to Describe Good Fortune

  1. Favorable
  2. Auspicious
  3. Advantageous
  4. Golden
  5. Beneficial
  6. Propitious
  7. Thriving
  8. Fruitful
  9. Booming
  10. Rosy

How to Describe Fortune in Writing?

When describing fortune in writing, it’s vital to evoke the intricate web of emotions and circumstances that surround luck, fate, and destiny. Every person’s perception of fortune varies; for some, it’s that unexpected windfall, while for others, it might be escaping an accident unscathed.

The unpredictability of fortune adds to its allure and mystique. To effectively describe it, draw parallels with real-life experiences, making your narrative relatable. Use contrasts like the exhilaration of good fortune against the despair of bad luck to illustrate the spectrum.

Lastly, intertwining personal experiences with the broader strokes of destiny can create a compelling narrative. Whether you’re talking about the whims of fate or the luck of the draw, dive into the depths of human emotions, and the external forces that play a role in shaping our destinies.

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