Adjectives for Large, Words to Describe Large

When you’re trying to describe something big, are there ever enough words to capture its size? We often have to rely on characterizing certain objects with one or two adjectives that don’t quite do justice. With this blog post, we want to provide a more comprehensive list of words and phrases suitable for describing large magnitudes: from “huge” and “enormous” all the way through maximal sizes like titanic or unmeasurable!

No matter your purpose – teaching vocabulary, writing stories or generally finding ways to include powerful descriptors in your communication – this blog post is guaranteed to boost your arsenal of dictionary entries when it comes down to writing about huge things!

Adjectives for Large

20 Adjectives for Large

1- Immense

2- Gigantic

3- Vast

4- Enormous

5- Colossal

6- Monumental

7- Brobdingnagian

8- Stupendous

9- Gargantuan

10- Titanic

11- Humongous

12- Monumental

13- Expansive

14- Massive

15- Wide

16- Spacious

17- Sweeping

18- Grandiose

19- Boundless

20- Huge

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Words To Describe Large

1- Immense: Extremely large or great in degree.

2- Gigantic: Exceptionally large in size, extent, or quantity.

3- Vast: Very great in size, amount, or degree.

4- Enormous: Unusually or exceptionally large in size or amount.

5- Colossal: Extremely large and impressive in size.

6- Monumental: Of or relating to a monument; very large or impressive.

7- Brobdingnagian: Exceptionally large.

8- Stupendous: Extraordinarily large; immense.

9- Gargantuan: Immensely large, especially in size or quantity.

10- Titanic: Of great magnitude, power, or effect; enormous.

11- Humongous: Extremely large in size or amount.

12- Monumental: Of or relating to a monument; very large or impressive.

13- Expansive: Extending or spreading out over a large area.

14- Massive: Very great in size, amount, intensity, or degree.

15- Wide: Extending from side to side; of great breadth.

16- Spacious: Having plenty of space; not cramped or crowded.

17- Sweeping: Of very great extent or scope.

18- Grandiose: Impressively large or complex.

19- Boundless: Having no bounds; unlimited; infinite.

20- Huge: Very great in size, amount, or degree.

Adjectives of Large in Example Sentences

1- The immense mountain loomed in the sky.

2- The gigantic elephant was hard to miss.

3- His vast estate sprawled over many miles.

4- She had an enormous collection of rare coins.

5- Her colossal strength amazed all who saw it.

6- It was a monumental task, but he finished it.

7- The Brobdingnagian castle was centuries old.

8- She pulled off a stupendous performance on the exam.

9- He had a gargantuan appetite for knowledge.

10- The titanic wave crashed against the shore.

11- His humongous collection of books filled two rooms.

12- The monumental statue was a sight to behold.

13- The expansive sky held infinite possibilities.

14- Her massive collection of antiques was impressive.

15- His wide eyes were full of wonder.

16- The spacious garden had plenty of room for everyone.

17- Her sweeping gaze took in the entire scene.

18- The grandiose mountain range was breathtaking.

19- His boundless enthusiasm for life was inspiring.

20- The huge tree cast a long shadow on the ground.

Synonyms of Large

1- Immense

2- Giant

3- Huge

4- Enormous

5- Colossal

6- Vast

7- Mammoth

8- Substantial

9- Gargantuan

10- Brobdingnagian

11- Monumental

12- Towering

13- Overwhelming

14- Monumental

15- Stupendous

16- Grandiose

17- Tremendous

18- Boundless

19- Humongous

20- Towering

20 Adjectives for Large Words To Describe Large Adjectives of Large in Example Sentences Synonyms of Large

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