Adjectives for Little, Words to Describe Little

No matter how small it is, little can mean big things in life. Whether this is the first toy of a child or an impossibly tiny artwork that captures your heart, there’s something magical about even the littlest of things. This has been reflected through words throughout history, with people searching for just the right descriptors to encapsulate what little means.

Today we’re looking at eight powerful adjectives that truly get to the heart of describing little – and seeing why they’ve endured through ages as metaphors part of our shared understanding!

Adjectives for Little

20 Adjectives for Little

1- Tiny

2- Minute

3- Diminutive

4- Miniature

5- Puny

6- Petite

7- Little

8- Microscopic

9- Teeny

10- Bantam

11- Smallish

12- Minuscule

13- Exiguous

14- Pint-Sized

15- Minikin

16- Lilliputian

17- Halfpenny

18- Peewee

19- Picayune

20- Infinitesimal

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Words To Describe Little

1- Tiny: Very small or little

2- Minute: Extremely small or tiny

3- Diminutive: Small in size or extent

4- Miniature: Very small in scale

5- Puny: Lacking strength; very small

6- Petite: Very small and delicate

7- Little: Not large enough to be noticeable

8- Microscopic: Too small to be seen with the naked eye

9- Teeny: Very small in size or extent

10- Bantam: Small and active

11- Smallish: Not quite small; somewhat smaller than average

12- Minuscule: Very tiny; almost invisible

13- Exiguous: Extremely limited in size or extent

14- Pint-Sized: Very small in size

15- Minikin: Extremely small; tiny

16- Lilliputian: Extremely small, as if from the fairy tale land of Lilliput

17- Halfpenny: An amount that is very small and not worth much

18- Peewee: Very small in size; minuscule

19- Picayune: Of little value or importance

20- Infinitesimal: Incredibly small and hard to measure.

Adjectives of Little in Example Sentences

1- The puppy was so tiny that it fit in the palm of my hand.

2- The flower was only a minute speck in the distance.

3- That building is quite diminutive compared to others in the city.

4- I have a collection of miniature dolls from all over the world.

5- His puny arms made it difficult to lift the box.

6- Her petite frame made her look much younger than she was.

7- Little did he know, his life was about to change forever.

8- Our microscope detected microscopic particles in the air.

9- She had a teeny little baby toe on her right foot.

10- He had a bantam spirit, but was large in heart.

11- The sculpture was smallish compared to the other art pieces.

12- That bug is so minuscule that I can’t even see it.

13- His exiguous funds were barely enough for the month.

14- Her pint-sized dog was always ready for a walk.

15- She had a minikin voice that could barely be heard.

16- The lilliputian chair couldn’t even hold an adult’s weight.

17- She was given only halfpenny for the task she completed.

18- His peewee stature made it difficult for him to reach shelves.

19- His contribution was so picayune that it barely made a difference.

20- The amount of dust was so infinitesimal that it could not be seen.

Synonyms of Little

1- Petite

2- Tiny

3- Diminutive

4- Miniature

5- Bantam

6- Pint-sized

7- Smallish

8- Dwarfish

9- Wee

10- Dinky

11- Minuscule

12- Microscopic

13– Narrow

14- Lilliputian

15- Puny

16- Mini

17- Itty Bitty

18- Trivial

19- Toy

20- Insignificant

20 Adjectives for Little Words To Describe Little Adjectives of Little in Example Sentences Synonyms of Little

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