Top 30 Adjectives for Religion (Negative & Positive Words)

Religion has shaped civilizations and guided individuals for centuries. Dive into the language surrounding it with these descriptive words to gain a richer understanding of its nuances.

Description of Religion

Religion refers to a system of beliefs, practices, and values centered around questions of existence, divinity, and spirituality.

Words to Describe Religion

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Religion:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Sacred
  3. Devout
  4. Orthodox
  5. Ritualistic
  6. Fundamentalist
  7. Heretical
  8. Sectarian
  9. Theological
  10. Pagan
  11. Monotheistic
  12. Polytheistic
  13. Mystical
  14. Ecclesiastical
  15. Dogmatic
  16. Pious
  17. Agnostic
  18. Atheistic
  19. Evangelical
  20. Profane
  21. Esoteric
  22. Apostate
  23. Secular
  24. Nonsectarian
  25. Blasphemous
  26. Sacramental
  27. Heterodox
  28. Canonized
  29. Cultic
  30. Charismatic

Positive Words to Describe Religion

  1. Spiritual
  2. Sacred
  3. Devout
  4. Pious
  5. Mystical
  6. Sacramental
  7. Canonized
  8. Charismatic
  9. Theological
  10. Ritualistic

Negative Words to Describe Religion

  1. Heretical
  2. Sectarian
  3. Dogmatic
  4. Profane
  5. Blasphemous
  6. Apostate
  7. Cultic
  8. Fundamentalist
  9. Heterodox
  10. Atheistic

Adjectives for Religion (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Relating to the soul or spirit.
  • Sentence: She embarked on a spiritual journey.


  • Meaning: Regarded with reverence.
  • Sentence: The temple is a sacred place.


  • Meaning: Deeply religious.
  • Sentence: He is a devout follower.


  • Meaning: Against accepted doctrine.
  • Sentence: His ideas were deemed heretical.


  • Meaning: Limited to a sect.
  • Sentence: The group had sectarian views.


  • Meaning: Relating to theology.
  • Sentence: They engaged in a theological debate.


  • Meaning: Not of a main religion.
  • Sentence: Some pagan traditions still persist.


  • Meaning: Belief in one god.
  • Sentence: Christianity is monotheistic in nature.


  • Meaning: Asserting opinions.
  • Sentence: He held dogmatic beliefs.


  • Meaning: Showing religious reverence.
  • Sentence: She led a pious life.

How to Describe Religion in Writing?

When writing about religion, it’s essential to approach the topic with sensitivity and respect. Use precise adjectives to describe specific beliefs, practices, or traditions.

Avoid making generalizations, and remember that religion can be deeply personal. Aim for an understanding tone, recognizing the diversity and richness of religious experiences.


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