Top 30 Adjectives for Revenge (Negative & Positive Words)

Revenge, an intricate human emotion, can elicit a myriad of descriptions. This guide offers a selection of both negative and positive adjectives to provide a comprehensive understanding of revenge.

Description of Revenge

Revenge refers to the act of inflicting harm or discomfort in return for a real or perceived wrong.

Words to Describe Revenge

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Revenge:

  1. Vengeful
  2. Bitter
  3. Justified
  4. Malicious
  5. Retaliatory
  6. Cold-blooded
  7. Righteous
  8. Sweet
  9. Relentless
  10. Calculated
  11. Obsessive
  12. Cruel
  13. Satisfying
  14. Merciless
  15. Brutal
  16. Passionate
  17. Premeditated
  18. Impulsive
  19. Tactical
  20. Harsh
  21. Unforgiving
  22. Emotional
  23. Methodical
  24. Blind
  25. Patient
  26. Rash
  27. Deserved
  28. Raging
  29. Vindictive
  30. Disproportionate

Positive Words to Describe Revenge

  1. Justified
  2. Righteous
  3. Sweet
  4. Tactical
  5. Passionate
  6. Emotional
  7. Patient
  8. Deserved
  9. Satisfying
  10. Vindictive

Negative Words to Describe Revenge

  1. Bitter
  2. Malicious
  3. Cold-blooded
  4. Obsessive
  5. Cruel
  6. Merciless
  7. Blind
  8. Rash
  9. Harsh
  10. Disproportionate

Adjectives for Revenge (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Desiring retaliation.
  • Sentence: His vengeful actions were expected after the betrayal.


  • Meaning: Filled with anger.
  • Sentence: The bitter revenge lasted for years.


  • Meaning: Seen as deserved.
  • Sentence: Many saw the act as justified revenge.


  • Meaning: Intending harm.
  • Sentence: The malicious intent was evident in his eyes.


  • Meaning: In response.
  • Sentence: His actions were purely retaliatory in nature.


  • Meaning: Without emotion.
  • Sentence: It was a cold-blooded act of vengeance.


  • Meaning: Morally right.
  • Sentence: He believed his revenge was righteous.


  • Meaning: Pleasing result.
  • Sentence: To him, revenge was sweet.


  • Meaning: Unstopping.
  • Sentence: His relentless quest for revenge worried many.


  • Meaning: Carefully planned.
  • Sentence: Her revenge was calculated to the last detail.

How to Describe Revenge in Writing?

Describing revenge in writing demands a deep understanding of the character’s motivations and emotions. Explore the reasons behind the act, the intensity of their feelings, and the consequences of their actions. Use adjectives that truly capture the essence of the revenge to immerse the reader in the story.


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