Top 30 Adjectives for Stranger (Negative & Positive Words)

Meeting someone unfamiliar or stepping into the unknown can evoke a wide range of feelings. Whether you’re talking about people or experiences, the right adjective can paint a vivid picture. In this post, we’ll share 30 words to describe “stranger.”

Description of Stranger

A stranger is an individual or thing that is unknown or unfamiliar to the observer. Strangers can be people we encounter for the first time, or events and experiences that are new and unexplored.

Words to Describe Stranger

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Stranger:

  1. Unknown
  2. Mysterious
  3. Unfamiliar
  4. New
  5. Foreign
  6. Alien
  7. Distant
  8. Uncharted
  9. Outsider
  10. Anonymous
  11. Novel
  12. Fresh
  13. Exotic
  14. Remote
  15. Unseen
  16. Strange
  17. Intriguing
  18. Alluring
  19. Nameless
  20. Unacquainted
  21. Different
  22. Curious
  23. Original
  24. Unrecognized
  25. Isolated
  26. Rare
  27. Unexpected
  28. Unusual
  29. Unexplored
  30. Unique

Positive Words to Describe Stranger

  1. Intriguing
  2. Mysterious
  3. Fresh
  4. Alluring
  5. Novel
  6. Curious
  7. Unknown
  8. Original
  9. Unique
  10. Exotic

Negative Words to Describe Stranger

  1. Alien
  2. Outsider
  3. Isolated
  4. Unfamiliar
  5. Anonymous
  6. Distant
  7. Foreign
  8. Nameless
  9. Unrecognized
  10. Uncharted

Adjectives for Stranger (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Arousing one’s curiosity or interest.
  • Sentence: The intriguing man at the cafĂ© caught her attention.


  • Meaning: Powerfully attractive or charming.
  • Sentence: There’s an alluring charm about the mysterious woman.


  • Meaning: Attractively unusual or foreign.
  • Sentence: The marketplace had an exotic aroma that was captivating.


  • Meaning: Not identified by name; unknown.
  • Sentence: The gift came from an anonymous sender.


  • Meaning: Not having a name.
  • Sentence: There was a nameless dread in his eyes.


  • Meaning: Not mapped or explored.
  • Sentence: The team ventured into uncharted territories.


  • Meaning: Present or existing from the beginning.
  • Sentence: The painting was truly original in its style.


  • Meaning: Far away from other places or people.
  • Sentence: The island was isolated and untouched by civilization.


  • Meaning: Not foreseen or anticipated.
  • Sentence: An unexpected visitor arrived at the door.


  • Meaning: Not commonly occurring or done.
  • Sentence: Her talent was both rare and unusual.

Other Words to Describe Stranger

Words to Describe Stranger Things

  1. Eerie
  2. Bizarre
  3. Odd
  4. Peculiar
  5. Uncanny
  6. Ghostly
  7. Supernatural
  8. Weird
  9. Twilight-zone
  10. Outlandish

Words to Describe Stranger Feelings

  1. Apprehensive
  2. Uneasy
  3. Bewildered
  4. Anxious
  5. Nervous
  6. Excited
  7. Fearful
  8. Adventurous
  9. Cautious
  10. Hesitant

Words to Describe Stranger Person

  1. Enigmatic
  2. Reserved
  3. Silent
  4. Elusive
  5. Disguised
  6. Incognito
  7. Concealed
  8. Obscured
  9. Guarded
  10. Aloof

How to Describe Stranger in writing?

When describing a stranger in writing, focus on details that stand out or evoke emotions. Note physical features, mannerisms, or any peculiar characteristics.

Use adjectives that express the unfamiliarity or mystery associated with them.

Ensure your description creates an image in the reader’s mind, making the stranger memorable and distinct.


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