Top 30 Adjectives for Symbol (Negative & Positive Words)

Symbols carry deep meanings and evoke emotions. Unraveling adjectives that describe them helps in understanding their significance and influence. Explore the words that best describe various symbols.

Description of Symbol

A symbol represents something other than its literal self, often conveying deeper meanings, concepts, or values.

Words to Describe Symbol

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Symbol:

  1. Meaningful
  2. Vague
  3. Iconic
  4. Misleading
  5. Universal
  6. Ambiguous
  7. Powerful
  8. Obscure
  9. Evocative
  10. Confusing
  11. Recognizable
  12. Abstract
  13. Resonant
  14. Incomprehensible
  15. Timeless
  16. Outdated
  17. Simple
  18. Complicated
  19. Unifying
  20. Divisive
  21. Historic
  22. Forgotten
  23. Pervasive
  24. Rare
  25. Deep
  26. Superficial
  27. Revered
  28. Mocked
  29. Traditional
  30. Innovative

Positive Words to Describe Symbol

  1. Meaningful
  2. Iconic
  3. Universal
  4. Powerful
  5. Evocative
  6. Recognizable
  7. Resonant
  8. Timeless
  9. Simple
  10. Unifying

Negative Words to Describe Symbol

  1. Vague
  2. Misleading
  3. Ambiguous
  4. Obscure
  5. Confusing
  6. Abstract
  7. Incomprehensible
  8. Outdated
  9. Complicated
  10. Divisive

Adjectives for Symbol (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Full of significance
  • Sentence: The dove is a meaningful symbol of peace.


  • Meaning: Widely recognized
  • Sentence: The golden arches are an iconic symbol for McDonald’s.


  • Meaning: Understood globally
  • Sentence: The heart is a universal symbol of love.


  • Meaning: Having great impact
  • Sentence: The cross is a powerful symbol in Christianity.


  • Meaning: Bringing strong feelings
  • Sentence: The lotus is an evocative symbol in Eastern cultures.


  • Meaning: Easily identified
  • Sentence: The Olympic rings are a recognizable symbol worldwide.


  • Meaning: Evoking emotions
  • Sentence: The poppy is a resonant symbol of remembrance.


  • Meaning: Enduring through ages
  • Sentence: The infinity sign is a timeless symbol.


  • Meaning: Easily understood
  • Sentence: The “thumbs up” is a simple symbol of approval.


  • Meaning: Bringing together
  • Sentence: The flag serves as a unifying symbol for the nation.

Other Words to Describe Symbol

  1. Potent
  2. Cryptic
  3. Expressive
  4. Dull
  5. Eloquent
  6. Commonplace
  7. Majestic
  8. Ordinary
  9. Memorable
  10. Forgettable

How to Describe Symbol in writing?

When describing symbols in writing, focus on their significance and the emotions they evoke. Consider their cultural, historical, or personal relevance. Be sure to convey whether the symbol has a universal appeal or if its meaning might be subject to interpretation. Clarify if the symbol is widely recognized or if it holds a niche significance. Highlighting its origin and evolution can also provide a richer understanding.


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