Top 30 Adjectives for Triumph (Negative & Positive Words)

Triumphs are powerful moments of victory, filled with intense emotions. Discover words that beautifully capture these peaks of success and the valleys that sometimes accompany them.

Description of Triumph

Triumph is the joy or satisfaction resulting from a victory or success, especially after overcoming obstacles or adversity.

Words to Describe Triumph

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Triumph:

  1. Jubilant
  2. Victorious
  3. Celebratory
  4. Overjoyed
  5. Elated
  6. Euphoric
  7. Conquering
  8. Dominant
  9. Proud
  10. Exhilarated
  11. Achieving
  12. Glorious
  13. Overcoming
  14. Successful
  15. Winning
  16. Radiant
  17. Superior
  18. Ascendant
  19. Paramount
  20. Peerless
  21. Bitter
  22. Hollow
  23. Pyrrhic
  24. Short-lived
  25. Unfulfilling
  26. Unsatisfactory
  27. Wasteful
  28. Costly
  29. Barren
  30. Empty

Positive Words to Describe Triumph

  1. Jubilant
  2. Victorious
  3. Celebratory
  4. Overjoyed
  5. Elated
  6. Euphoric
  7. Conquering
  8. Dominant
  9. Glorious
  10. Successful

Negative Words to Describe Triumph

  1. Bitter
  2. Hollow
  3. Pyrrhic
  4. Short-lived
  5. Unfulfilling
  6. Unsatisfactory
  7. Wasteful
  8. Costly
  9. Barren
  10. Empty

Adjectives for Triumph (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Extremely joyful
  • Sentence: Her jubilant mood was infectious.


  • Meaning: Having won
  • Sentence: The team felt victorious after the match.


  • Meaning: Marking a celebration
  • Sentence: They had a celebratory dinner party.


  • Meaning: Extremely happy
  • Sentence: His elated face said it all.


  • Meaning: Intensely excited
  • Sentence: She felt euphoric after the announcement.


  • Meaning: Overcoming an obstacle
  • Sentence: His conquering spirit was admirable.


  • Meaning: Lacking real value
  • Sentence: It was a hollow victory.


  • Meaning: Won at great cost
  • Sentence: The win was a pyrrhic one.


  • Meaning: Not satisfying
  • Sentence: The trophy felt unfulfilling to her.


  • Meaning: Lacking substance
  • Sentence: His triumph felt barren and empty.

How to Describe Triumph in writing?

Describing triumph in writing demands a delicate balance between the height of success and the struggles faced. Use vivid words to paint the elation, relief, and sometimes, the underlying sacrifices.

Reflect on the journey, the obstacles, and the emotions felt to create a powerful portrayal of victory.

Always be genuine and sincere in your descriptions, tapping into the reader’s emotions and drawing them into the triumphant moment.


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