Top 30 Adjectives for Worldly (Negative & Positive Words)

When describing someone with vast experiences or a broad perspective on life, the term “worldly” often comes to mind. This post will delve into adjectives that encapsulate both positive and negative aspects of being worldly.

Description of Worldly

Worldly refers to someone experienced in life, often through travel or varied experiences, having a broad perspective rather than being narrow-minded or overly spiritual.

Words to Describe Worldly

Here are the 30 most common words to describe worldly:

  1. Experienced
  2. Cosmopolitan
  3. Sophisticated
  4. Seasoned
  5. Cultured
  6. Traveled
  7. Broad-minded
  8. Mature
  9. Materialistic
  10. Knowledgeable
  11. Urban
  12. Exposed
  13. Global
  14. Informed
  15. Versatile
  16. Adventurous
  17. Secular
  18. Diverse
  19. Modern
  20. Cynical
  21. Polished
  22. Realistic
  23. Practical
  24. Slick
  25. Earthly
  26. Opportunistic
  27. Greedy
  28. Street-smart
  29. Savvy
  30. Shrewd

Positive Words to Describe Worldly

  1. Experienced
  2. Cosmopolitan
  3. Sophisticated
  4. Cultured
  5. Broad-minded
  6. Mature
  7. Traveled
  8. Knowledgeable
  9. Versatile
  10. Informed

Negative Words to Describe Worldly

  1. Materialistic
  2. Cynical
  3. Opportunistic
  4. Greedy
  5. Earthly
  6. Secular
  7. Slick
  8. Street-smart
  9. Realistic
  10. Practical

Adjectives for Worldly (Meanings and Example Sentences)


  • Meaning: Well-educated and refined.
  • Sentence: She is so cultured after studying abroad.


  • Meaning: Focused on material possessions.
  • Sentence: His materialistic desires overshadowed his values.


  • Meaning: Open to diverse opinions.
  • Sentence: Her broad-minded nature made her popular.


  • Meaning: Concerned with secular rather than spiritual matters.
  • Sentence: His earthly desires kept him grounded.


  • Meaning: Having practical experience.
  • Sentence: Being street-smart helped him in business.


  • Meaning: Familiar with many cultures.
  • Sentence: Her cosmopolitan outlook is inspiring.


  • Meaning: Shrewd and knowledgeable.
  • Sentence: His savvy decisions led to success.


  • Meaning: Distrusting of human sincerity.
  • Sentence: Some found him too cynical.


  • Meaning: Taking advantage of situations.
  • Sentence: His opportunistic ways often irked others.


  • Meaning: Worldly-wise; refined.
  • Sentence: His sophisticated manners impressed many.

Words to Describe Worldly Person

  1. Adventurer
  2. Nomad
  3. Realist
  4. Trendsetter
  5. Hedonist
  6. Connoisseur
  7. Jet-setter
  8. Epicurean
  9. Globetrotter
  10. Gourmand

How to Describe Worldly in writing?

To describe someone as “worldly” in writing, emphasize their vast experiences, exposure to diverse cultures, or broad understanding of life. Use scenarios that showcase their global knowledge or experiences that have shaped their broad perspective. Highlight their adaptability and the depth of their experiences in various situations or environments.


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