100+ Adjectives for Worth, Words to Describe Worth

Worth refers to the value, importance, or usefulness of something or someone. It is often used to discuss the intrinsic value, financial value, or moral value inherent in objects, actions, or individuals.

In this lesson, you’ll learn a variety of words and adjectives to describe worth, helping you articulate the value and significance of different subjects in a nuanced and precise manner.

Words to Describe Worth

Here are the most common words to describe Worth:

Valuable Priceless Invaluable
Precious Worthwhile Beneficial
Meaningful Significant Essential
Important Useful Rewarding
Profitable Advantageous Constructive
Desirable Meritorious Esteemed
Esteemable Respected Prized
Cherished Treasured Commendable
Admirable Exemplary Noteworthy
Praiseworthy Respectable Honorable

Adjectives for Worth

1. Valuable

Meaning: High importance or worth

Example: The painting is valuable, worth a fortune.

2. Priceless

Meaning: Too valuable to estimate

Example: Family memories are priceless, beyond any value.

3. Precious

Meaning: Highly esteemed or cherished

Example: Her grandmother’s necklace is precious to her.

4. Costly

Meaning: Involving high expense

Example: The costly repairs nearly emptied their savings.

5. Invaluable

Meaning: Extremely useful and helpful

Example: His advice proved invaluable for the project’s success.

6. Significant

Meaning: Having considerable importance

Example: His significant contributions impacted the entire team.

7. Exquisite

Meaning: Exceptionally fine or valuable

Example: The ring was an exquisite piece of jewelry.

8. Crucial

Meaning: Extremely important or necessary

Example: Timing is crucial for the success of this mission.

9. Useful

Meaning: Able to serve a purpose

Example: The multi-tool is incredibly useful for repairs.

10. Beneficial

Meaning: Providing a positive effect

Example: A healthy diet is beneficial for overall health.

11. Lucrative

Meaning: Producing significant profit

Example: Real estate investment can be highly lucrative.

12. Essential

Meaning: Absolutely necessary

Example: A passport is essential for international travel.

13. Indispensable

Meaning: Cannot be done without

Example: His skills make him indispensable to the company.

14. Productive

Meaning: Producing good results

Example: The productive meeting resolved many issues.

15. Appreciable

Meaning: Noticeably large or important

Example: The increase in sales was appreciable last quarter.

16. Remarkable

Meaning: Worthy of attention

Example: Her remarkable talent impressed the judges.

17. Notable

Meaning: Worthy of note

Example: The event’s notable moments were unforgettable.

18. Considerable

Meaning: Of significant size or value

Example: The house has considerable historical significance.

19. Substantial

Meaning: Ample in size or worth

Example: The donor’s substantial gift funded the new wing.

20. Admirable

Meaning: Deserving admiration

Example: Her admirable efforts made a big difference.

Words to Describe Worth

Positive Adjectives for Worth

  • Valuable
  • Invaluable
  • Significant
  • Essential
  • Useful
  • Rewarding
  • Profitable
  • Esteemed
  • Cherished
  • Praiseworthy

Negative Adjectives for Worth

  • Worthless
  • Insignificant
  • Trivial
  • Pointless
  • Useless
  • Unrewarding
  • Unprofitable
  • Disregarded
  • Neglected
  • Unappreciated

Other Words for Worth

  1. Value
  2. Importance
  3. Merit
  4. Quality
  5. Virtue
  6. Benefit
  7. Significance
  8. Usefulness
  9. Validity
  10. Price
  11. Cost
  12. Worthiness
  13. Esteem
  14. Appreciation
  15. Assessment
  16. Evaluation
  17. Magnitude
  18. Caliber
  19. Dignity
  20. Distinction
  21. Excellence
  22. Respect
  23. Honor
  24. Regard
  25. Stature
  26. Standing
  27. Weight
  28. Meritocracy

How to Describe Worth in Writing?

Describing worth in writing involves more than just stating a value; it’s about conveying the significance, usefulness, or importance of the subject in question. In the first paragraph, introduce the concept of worth by discussing its various dimensions such as monetary value, intrinsic value, and moral value. Highlight how worth can be subjective and dependent on individual perceptions or societal standards.

In the second paragraph, delve into the factors that contribute to worth. Discuss elements like rarity, utility, demand, and emotional attachment that can influence the perceived value of an object or action. Use examples to illustrate how worth can be assessed in different contexts, such as the worth of an artwork compared to the worth of a charitable act.

Lastly, reflect on the implications of worth in everyday decision-making and societal norms. Explore how understanding and articulating worth can lead to more informed choices and a deeper appreciation for the things and people around us. Discuss the role of worth in ethical considerations, economic transactions, and personal relationships, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and respecting the worth in various aspects of life.

Adjective Words to Describe worth

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