100+ Adjectives for Wrinkles, Words to Describe Wrinkles

Wrinkles are lines, folds, or creases that form in the skin. They are a natural part of aging and can also result from facial expressions, sun damage, and lifestyle factors.

In this lesson, you’ll discover a variety of words to describe wrinkles. Whether you’re writing a story, describing a character, or simply expanding your vocabulary, these adjectives will help you articulate the nuanced appearances and implications of wrinkles.

Words to Describe Wrinkles

Here are the 30 most common words to describe Wrinkles:

Fine Deep Subtle
Creased Etched Faint
Pronounced Furrowed Delicate
Weathered Crow’s-feet Laugh lines
Age lines Crinkled Feathered
Sunken Engraved Worn
Folded Imprinted Sagging
Crumpled Embedded Wrinkly
Lined Grooved Perceptible

Adjectives for Wrinkles

1. Fine

Meaning: Small and delicate

Example: Her fine wrinkles show signs of aging.

2. Deep

Meaning: Pronounced and significant

Example: The deep wrinkles on his forehead are prominent.

3. Crow’s Feet

Meaning: Wrinkles near the eyes

Example: Her crow’s feet deepen when she smiles.

4. Forehead

Meaning: Lines on the forehead

Example: His forehead wrinkles reveal years of stress.

5. Frown

Meaning: Lines caused by frowning

Example: The frown wrinkles betray his frequent concern.

6. Expression

Meaning: Formed by facial expressions

Example: Her expression wrinkles convey a life full of emotions.

7. Nasolabial

Meaning: Between nose and mouth

Example: His nasolabial wrinkles deepen when he laughs.

8. Horizontal

Meaning: Across the forehead

Example: The horizontal wrinkles on her forehead are visible.

9. Vertical

Meaning: Up-and-down lines

Example: Vertical wrinkles appear between his eyebrows.

10. Fine Lines

Meaning: Early signs of aging

Example: The fine lines around her eyes are faint.

11. Creased

Meaning: With prominent folds

Example: The creased wrinkles on her face are unmistakable.

12. Aged

Meaning: Associated with old age

Example: Aged wrinkles tell stories of many years.

13. Loose

Meaning: Sagging and less firm

Example: Her loose wrinkles show the effects of aging.

14. Smiling

Meaning: Caused by frequent smiling

Example: Her smiling wrinkles show how much she laughs.

15. Weathered

Meaning: Exposed to the elements

Example: The weathered wrinkles reveal a life spent outdoors.

16. Distinct

Meaning: Clearly defined and noticeable

Example: His distinct wrinkles appear when he frowns.

17. Permanent

Meaning: Not easily smoothed

Example: The permanent wrinkles on her face have set.

18. Laugh Lines

Meaning: Caused by laughter

Example: His laugh lines add charm to his smile.

19. Dynamic

Meaning: Formed by facial movements

Example: Her dynamic wrinkles shift with every expression.

20. Noticeable

Meaning: Easily seen

Example: The noticeable wrinkles reflect her long years.

Words to Describe Wrinkles

Positive Adjectives for Wrinkles

  1. Characterful
  2. Distinguished
  3. Wise
  4. Experienced
  5. Storytelling
  6. Earned
  7. Natural
  8. Authentic
  9. Expressive
  10. Graceful

Negative Adjectives for Wrinkles

  1. Deep-seated
  2. Harsh
  3. Pronounced
  4. Aging
  5. Weather-beaten
  6. Worn-out
  7. Sun-damaged
  8. Furrowed
  9. Creased
  10. Sallow

Other Words for Wrinkles

Here are other words for Wrinkles:

  1. Creases
  2. Lines
  3. Furrows
  4. Crinkles
  5. Crow’s feet
  6. Laugh lines
  7. Age lines
  8. Folds
  9. Grooves
  10. Crumples
  11. Rumples
  12. Weather lines
  13. Expression lines
  14. Character lines
  15. Stress lines
  16. Sun lines
  17. Marionette lines
  18. Gravitation folds
  19. Sleep lines
  20. Compression lines
  21. Dynamic lines
  22. Static lines
  23. Glycation lines
  24. Neck lines
  25. Smoker’s lines
  26. Lipstick lines
  27. Accordion lines
  28. Glabela lines
  29. Nasolabial folds
  30. Tear troughs

How to Describe Wrinkles in Writing?

Describing wrinkles in writing offers a rich tapestry for conveying character, emotion, and history. Start by considering the context in which the wrinkles appear. Are they the soft, laughter-induced lines around the eyes of a joyful person, or the deep creases of a weathered face shaped by years of hardship and sun? The choice of adjectives can set the tone, whether you aim to evoke respect for a life well-lived or highlight the toll of a particular lifestyle.

Next, reflect on the depth, pattern, and location of the wrinkles to add specificity to your description. For instance, the “crinkled corners of her eyes” can vividly depict a smiling face, while “furrowed brows” might suggest worry or deep thought. Integrating the cause or emotion associated with the wrinkles can add layers to your character development, making them more relatable and human.

Finally, consider the broader implications of wrinkles in your narrative. They can symbolize wisdom, experience, and the passage of time, serving as a physical manifestation of a character’s journey. Through careful choice of words, you can transform a simple description of wrinkles into a powerful tool for storytelling, inviting readers to infer the untold stories etched in the character’s skin.

Adjective Words to Describe Wrinkles

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