Adjectives for Cleaning, Words to Describe Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, there are a lot of adjectives – some more positive than others – that can come along with it. We’re often so busy trying to get the job done quickly and efficiently that we don’t spend much time detailing our thoughts on the task at hand. But whether you’re a professional cleaner or just keeping up with regular household maintenance, taking the time to consider how you feel about those tasks is important. So why not think of all the descriptive words that could be used when describing the act of cleaning? From “relaxing” and “therapeutic” to “tedious” and even potentially “uncomfortable”, here are a few adjective words to describe your experience while tidying up!

Adjectives for Cleaning

20 Adjectives for Cleaning

Sanitary Spotless Sterile
Pristine Scrubbed Tidy
Neutralized Deodorized Immaculate
Disinfected Abluted Purified
Sanitized Bleached Scoured
Disinfested Glistening Refreshed
Germ-Free Polished  

Words To Describe Cleaning

1- Sanitary: A condition that is free from disease or infection.

2- Spotless: Perfectly clean and tidy, without any dirt or mess.

3- Sterile: Completely clean and free of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

4- Pristine: Clean; free from dirt or contamination.

5- Scrubbed: Thoroughly washed or scrubbed with a brush or other cleaning utensil.

6- Tidy: Neat and orderly; free of dirt, mess, or clutter.

7- Neutralized: To reduce the acidity or alkalinity of something by adding an opposing substance.

8- Deodorized: To eliminate or reduce odors by using a chemical agent.

9- Immaculate: Perfectly clean, without any spot or blemish.

10- Disinfected: To make something free of harmful bacteria and germs.

11- Abluted: To wash or cleanse oneself with water or other liquid.

12- Purified: To make something pure and free from impurities or contaminants.

13- Sanitized: To make something clean and safe for human use, usually through the use of chemicals.

14- Bleached: To whiten or lighten a color by using a chemical process.

15- Scoured: To clean something by rubbing it hard with a brush or other abrasive material.

16- Disinfested: To destroy pests such as insects, rodents, and bacteria.

17- Glistening: Shining brightly due to the reflection of light.

18- Refreshed: Revived; rejuvenated.

19- Germ Free: Completely free of germs and other microorganisms.

20- Polished: To make something smooth and shiny by rubbing it with abrasive material.

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Adjectives of in Cleaning Example Sentences

1- The hospital’s surgical room was kept sanitary at all times.

2- The windows were spotless and gleaming in the sunlight.

3- The floors had been sterilized before the surgery.

4- After cleaning, the kitchen was pristine and smelled fresh.

5- Every surface had been carefully scrubbed clean.

6- She tidied up her room to make it look presentable.

7- All surfaces had been neutralized to kill bacteria.

8- The room was deodorized to mask bad smells.

9- Every corner of the house was immaculate and orderly.

10- The bathroom was disinfected with bleach solution.

11- He abluted the entire apartment before his guests arrived.

12- The water in the pool was purified before they could swim.

13- The kitchen counters were sanitized with anti-bacterial wipes.

14- He bleached his whites so that they would be whiter.

15- She scoured her pots and pans until they sparkled.

16- The exterminator disinfested the house of bugs.

17- After cleaning, the kitchen was glistening and spotless.

18- She felt refreshed after scrubbing down the bathroom.

19- His kitchen was germfree thanks to his daily cleaning routine.

20- The car had been polished until it shone brightly in the sun.

Synonyms of Cleaning

1- Scrubbing

2- Disinfecting

3- Sweeping

4- Washing

5- Vacuuming

6- Mopping

7- Dusting

8- Sanitizing

9- Polishing

10- Sterilizing

11- Purifying

12- Disinfecting

13- Tidying

14- Organizing

15- Sorting

16- Sweeping up

17- Arranging

18- Sterilizing surfaces

19- Deodorizing

20- Decluttering

20 Adjectives for Cleaning Words To Describe Cleaning Adjectives of Cleaning in Example Sentences Synonyms of Cleaning

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