Adjectives for Clothes, Words to Describe Clothes

Ever feel like you’re at a loss for words when trying to describe clothes? If so, then you’re in the right place! This blog post will give you an extensive list of adjective words used to describe clothing items.

Whether you’re describing a sundress or your favorite pair of jeans, this blog post gives all the details necessary to evoke vivid imagery and be more stylish with your vocabulary. With lots of examples from various fashion trends, you’ll be able crafting stunning descriptions in no time; read on for more!

Adjectives for Clothes

20 Adjectives for Clothes

Colorful Patterned Stylish
Elegant Chic Trendy
Classy Fashionable Eye-catching
Impressive Snazzy Flattering
Modern Diminutive Timeless
Dapper Refined Luxurious
Substantial Conservative

Words To Describe Clothes

1- Colorful: Vivid colors that stand out

She wore a colorful dress to the party.

2- Patterned: Having an all-over pattern or design

He looked dapper in his patterned suit.

3- Stylish: Appearing fashionable and chic

She was wearing a very stylish outfit.

4- Elegant: Classic, tasteful style

His elegant coat made him look impressive.

5- Chic: Fashionable and stylish

The chic blouse she had on caught my eye.

6- Trendy: Currently popular or in fashion

Everyone wanted to get the trendy boots that she had.

7- Classy: Exuding sophistication and good taste

He always dressed in a classy manner.

8- Fashionable: Popular style of the moment

Her fashionable shoes made her ensemble complete.

9- Eye-catching: Attracting attention in a positive way

The eye-catching hat made the outfit pop.

10- Impressive: Making an admirable impression

His snazzy shirt was a hit at the club.

11- Snazzy: Appearing flashy or showy

She found the perfect dress that was very flattering on her curves.

12- Flattering: Complimenting the figure

His modern coat was the latest fashion trend.

13- Modern: Contemporary, up-to-date design

She wore a diminutive dress to match her petite frame.

14- Diminutive: Small in size and delicate

He always looked timeless in his tailored suits.

15- Timeless: Classic style that transcends eras

The guests were impressed by her dapper outfit.

16- Dapper: Neatly dressed and well groomed

She had on a refined blouse that went perfectly with her skirt.

17- Refined: Elegant, tasteful appearance

His luxurious scarf was a statement piece.

18- Luxurious: High-end and expensive fabrics

The substantial boots he wore were built to last.

19- Substantial: Robust and sturdy materials

Her conservative dress showed her professional side.

20- Conservative: Classic, traditional style.

The colorful pattern on his shirt was very trendy.

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Synonyms of Clothes

1- Apparel

2- Costume

3- Garments

4- Outfit

5- Raiment

6- Rigging

7- Robe

8- Suit

9- Togs

10- Wearable

11- Attire

12- Drape

13- Habiliment

14- Vestment

15- Wardrobe

16- Wearable Art

17- Couture

18- Covering

19- Dress

20- Garb

Words To Describe Clothes

20 Adjectives for Clothes Words To Describe Clothes Adjectives of Clothes in Example Sentences Synonyms of Clothes

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