Adjectives for Cold, Words to Describe Cold

When describing extreme cold temperatures, words like chilly or freezing simply do not suffice. It’s easy to resort to clichéd phrases such as “bitter chill,” but why not be creative?

Here are some interesting adjective words that can help you accurately and more colorfully describe cold weather conditions — whether you’re writing an article, talking to friends, or just trying to find the right way to express yourself!

Adjectives for Cold

20 Adjectives for Cold

Frigid Glacial Arctic
Biting Gelid Frosty
Icy Freezing Chilly
Nippy Alpine Polar
Wintry Wintry Arctic
Siberian Subzero Alpine
Cryogenic Gelid  

Words To Describe Cold

1- Frigid: extremely cold

2- Glacial: intensely cold

3- Arctic: polar or near-frozen temperatures

4- Biting: sharp or piercingly cold

5- Gelid: icy or frosty

6- Frosty: covered with frost

7- Icy: extremely cold and hard to the touch

8- Freezing: very cold and close to freezing

9- Chilly: moderately cold

10- Nippy: chilly or sharp air

11- Alpine: of or related to the high mountains

12- Polar: extremely cold climate

13- Wintry: resembling winter conditions

14- Arctic: located in or near the North Pole

15- Siberian: extremely cold and inhospitable environment

16- Subzero: temperature below 0 °C

17- Alpine: snow-covered mountains

18- Cryogenic: freezing to a very low temperature

19- Gelid: intensely cold to the touch

20- Fulgurant: of or giving off flashes of light.

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Adjectives of Cold in Example Sentences

1- The frigid wind made it difficult for us to leave the house.

2- The glacial temperatures meant that we had to wear many layers of clothing.

3- It was an arctic night and the stars shone brightly in the sky.

4- The biting cold air made my nose turn red.

5- Everything was covered in a layer of gelid frost.

6- His voice was as frosty as the winter night.

7- We had to be careful not to slip on the icy pavement.

8- It was so freezing that I could see my breath in front of me.

9- It started to get chilly so we decided to go in.

10- The nippy wind made everyone stay inside.

11- We went for a hike in the alpine mountains.

12- The polar bears were huddled together for warmth.

13- It was a wintry day and the snow was falling fast.

14- We were in the arctic circle and it was colder than we had expected.

15- We were traveling through Siberia and it was incredibly cold.

16- The temperature dropped to subzero during the night.

17- As we climbed higher in altitude, the alpine terrain became more treacherous.

18- The scientists used cryogenic techniques to freeze the sample.

19- The ground was so gelid that I could feel it through my boots.

20- The Northern Lights were fulgurant in the night sky.

Synonyms of Cold

1- Chilly

2- Frigid

3- Freezing

4- Frosty

5- Glacial

6- Gelid

7- Arctic

8- Biting

9- Numbing

10- Polar

11- Bracing

12- Hailstone

13- Siberian

14- Refrigerated

15- Snowy

16- Subzero

17- Gelid

18- Intensely cold

19- Wintry

20- Ice Age

20 Adjectives for Cold Words To Describe Cold Adjectives of Cold in Example Sentences Synonyms of Cold

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